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  • iPhone Quit-Smoking Apps Don't Make The Grade

    A new study finds that iPhone software applications designed to help people quit smoking fall short of the mark because they do not meet accepted standards. Among other things, the study, which appears online and in the March issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that the 4...

  • Text Messages Can Increase Your Chance Of Quitting Smoking

    A new study has found that smokers in the United Kingdom who receive electronic text messages to their mobile devices, double their chance of finally kicking the habit. A 3,000 person trial tested the effects of inspirational text messages designed to encourage quitting. Participants were twice a...

  • Fake Cigarettes Increase Success Rate For Quitting Smoking

    Nicotine-free plastic inhalers may increase a smoker's chance of quitting, according to new research published online in the European Respiratory Journal. This study is the first to assess the effectiveness of using a nicotine-free inhaler to help stop smoking. The research, which was carried o...

  • Five Tips To Help A Stressed-Out President Or Anyone Else Quit Smoking

    President Barack Obama's recent physical examination revealed that he is in generally good health and that he is still trying to quit smoking. His doctor's advice: keep up his "smoking cessation efforts"; in other words, he should keep trying to kick the habit. Susan Rausch, health educator at th...

  • Quitting Smoking Improves Mood

    Quitting smoking is certainly healthy for the body, but doctors and scientists haven't been sure whether quitting makes people happier, especially since conventional wisdom says many smokers use cigarettes to ease anxiety and depression. In a new study, researchers tracked the symptoms of depress...

  • BJOG Release: Stop Smoking If You Are Pregnant

    New research to be published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology examines the results of maternal smoking on birth outcomes. Previous studies have focused on the consequences of smoking during each pregnancy, in isolation. This new study analysed outcomes according to...