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Hongta Group Donated RMB 1 million to Support the Flood Resistance and Disaster Relief of Yunnan Malong Affected Area

From the night of June 25, 2010 to the morning of June 26, an extraordinary rainstorm fell suddenly in Malong County, Qujing City, Yunnan. The rainfall around the country reached up to 208.3mm. As a result, over 100 villages suffered disaster, the urban and rural houses were flooded and the crops were damaged; the urban traffic, communications and power supply were interrupted and some people encountered difficulties in production and life.

After knowning about the disaster of Malong County, Hongta Group donated RMB1 million to Qujing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) on June 29, exclusively used for the flood resistance and disaster relief of Malong County.

According to preliminary statistics, the disaster resulted in direct economic losses over RMB 0.6 billion to this county, including 31,000 mu affected tobacco fields, 102 collapsed barns, 500m collapsed fences of the original redrying plant, flooded floors 1 of 4 warehouses, flooded 2,043 cases of laminas, some water-destroyed facilities at Xiaohaizi purchasing point, flooded houses of 73 employees of the branches and more than 40 submerged vehicles.

Hongta Group paid much attention to the disaster in the tobacco leave production area and the cigarette sales area; the aid to the affected area fully indicated the cooperation spirit of close link and common suffering of difficulties of the commercial and industrial enterprises before disaster.

(Liu Hualin and Mao Jianshu)