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Measurement of Mount Qomolangma

Measurement of Ridge

In 2005, Hongta Group sponsored the measurement of the height of Mount Qomolangma. The real significance of height measurement is to redefine the height of knowledge of human beings; and real significance of height measurement is not less than the measure to the “ridge of nation”. Through hard external actual measurement and considerate and accurate internal calculation and test, the rock surface altitude of the peak of Mount Qomolangma is 8844.43m.

After the measurement of Mount Qomolangma in 1975, China organized another measurement in 2005;

With strong national sense of responsibility, Hongta Group sponsored for the whole measurement of Mount Qomolangma;

The peak climbing measurement team represents the country and the nation and represents the spirit of human to climb.

The spirit of “No mountain is higher than human being” of Hongta Group is fully expressed by the peak climbers.

With the sponsoring of Hongta Group and the brave climbing of the mountaineers, the real height of Mount Qomolangma, 8844.43m, is obtained.