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The time of one decade seems to be one moment only. However, just in such period, we have let the eyes of children in one place be full of hope.

The water of the Nujiang River is rushing while the Gaoligong Mountain and the Biluo Snow Mountain are erecting.
Poverty Alleviation of Hongta Group

Hongta Group donated special poverty alleviation fund and donated military cotton quilts, T...

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Yuxi City Xiaoshi Qiao Yizu Autonomous Township is a traditional agricultural township with simple economic structure, backward local education, poor education facilities and many dropouts.

The only 2-3 million Yuan fiscal income of Xiaoshiqiao Township annually results in the backward local education.
Paired Support of Hongta Group f...

Xiaoshiqiao Yi Town of Yuxi City is located 23 miles north of Yuxi, composed of the Longma Mounta...

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On November 19, “Hongta Cup” Tour of Hainan Island Cycling Rave 2008 ended at Haiyue Square of Sanya City and Number 112 Spearski from the national cycling team of Russia ranked the first place in personal total score and sprint score.

Hainan Island Cycling Race
"Hongta Cup" Tour of Hainan Isla...

“Hongta Cup”Tour of Hainan Island Cycling Race 2008 ended at Haiyue Square of Sanya City and Nu...

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  • Risk of Smoking
  • Tobacco Addiction and Quit Smoking
  • Youth Smoking Prevention
  • Public Smoking Restrictions

That smoking can easily result in lung diseases has been the common sense of people; however, many people do not know what' the effects of smoking on hypertension.

Effects of Prenatal Smoking...
In one of the largest studies of its kind to date, researchers have found that babies born to mothers who smoke while...

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Smoking is a kind of chronic addictive medical problem. The realization of smoke abatement by scientific, safe and effective means can benefit the whole life of the smokers.

iPhone Quit-Smoking Apps Do...
A new study finds that iPhone software applications designed to help people quit smoking fall short of the mark becau...

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Smoking may damage the brains and thus make the thinking blunt, memory reduced, affect study and work and cause the fall of academic achievement.

Chinese People Now Smoking ...
There are roughly 350 million smokers in China, of whom 50 million are young people, according to statistics from Chi...

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World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was approved at the World health Assembly on May 21, 2003, calling on all countries to have international cooperation as wide as possible and control the wide popularity of tobacco.

We Know Many People Unwilli...
We know many people are unwilling to take the second-handed smoke and dislike the smell of smog and hope to avoid the...

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We adopt the measures such as crops rotation, etc. not only ensuring to increase the income of tobacco farmers through planting tobacco leaves but also ensuring the quality of tobacco and environmental protection.


the Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Hongta passed the attestation by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories (CNAL) and its test data had been recognized by many countries in the world, indicating that the testing technology of Hongta had made a great process in its internationalization.