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The fascinating legacy of Hongta is an epitome of the painstaking undertaking of China’s tobacco industry in pursuit of development and transformation.
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    At National Tobacco Industry 6th Corporate Culture Construction Work and Service Brand Construction On-the-spot Meeting and China Tobacco Political & Research Institute Secretary-general Meeting held on December 15-16, due to its outstanding achievement in cultural management for years, Hongta Group was granted by China National Tobacco Corporation with the honorary title of “National Tobacco Industry Advanced Unit in Corporate Culture Construction”.


    Before National Day, the new product of Hongta Group, “Hongtashan-Gonghe Xinxi” was launched grandly in Kunming. It was the opening product in the “Xiqing Series” of “Hongtashan” and classified into Category 2 with the retail price RMB13.5/pack. Its appearance design focused on red, expressing the theme of “red and happiness”; its product style marked the new feature of “happiness” as the opening product of “Hongtashan Series”.


    On July 3, Hongta Group Zhaotong Cigarette Factory grandly held “Fire of Hope” Passing and Ignition Ceremony and the Meeting to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the Factory.


    On April 27, National Labor Model and Advanced Worker Rewarding Meeting 2010 was held grandly in the People’s Great Hall in Beijing. Li Suiming, president of Hongta Group was granted with the title of “National Labor Model” and was received and praised by the Party and State leaders.

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    On December 15, Yunnan Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau held “Yunnan Province 100 Enterprises Intellectual Property Pilot Work Summary and Rewarding Meeting” and Hongta Group was granted with the title of “Yunnan Province 100 Enterprises Intellectual Property Pilot Excellent Enterprise”.


    On September 4, China TOP500 was issued and Hongta Group ranked the 104th place with RMB55.902 billion operating revenues and the first place among the tobacco enterprises elected.


    In May, the trademark “红梅HONGMEI” and its figure of Hongta Group was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as “China Well-known Trademark”.


    In March, the result of the 2nd China Consumers’ Ideal Brand Survey was issued and “Hongtashan” successively became the champion of China Consumers’ Ideal Brand-Daily Cigarette Brand. This was the second time for “Hongtashan” to get such honor.

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    On November 17, the delegation consisting of Bai Enpei, secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, Cao Jianfang, vice governor of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, et al on a friendly visit to Laos visited Laos Liaozhong Hongta Good Luck Tobacco Company and listened to the report of Li Suiming, president of Hongta Group, about international market exploration and the report of Wang Qi, general manager of Laos Liaozhong Hongta Good Luck Tobacco Company about its production and operation.


    On August 18, Zhang Baozhen, vice director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, together with Xing Wanli, head of the Personnel Department, Jin Zhongli, head of Science & Education Department, Hu Xinhua, director of the Information Center of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, et al, came to Hongta Group for survey, research and direction.


    On May 12, He Zehua, deputy director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, with the accompany of Wu Hongtian, deputy general manager of China Tobacco Leaf Corporation, Yu Yundong, director and general manager of Yunnan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Li Suiming, president of Hongta Group, Zhang Dengliang, chairman of NPC Zhaotong Municipal Committee, Wu Yongfei, vice major of Zhaotong City, etc., came to Zhaotong Cigarette Factory for survey and direction.


    On February 27-28, the 4th Session of the 17th Employee Congress and the 2nd Session of the 14th Trade Union Congress of Hongta Group were grandly held. The meetings summarized the work of 2009, deeply analyzed the industry reform and development situation, detailed the current and future development thought, set up the “5151” Brand development new target and arranged the work of 2010.