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People cultivated with action
Conception determines action while action creates future. The development of Hongta Group cannot go without its strong executive ability, which is the important index for its management level and also the core for the cultivation of Hongta people.
The execution of Hongta Group is the action of the staff to accomplish tasks, the process in which the team achieves the target and the systematic co...
Team 3C philosophy
Team philosophy of Hongta Group is the 3C philosophy, i.e. Cooperative, Concerted and Coherent. This philosophy is the strong weapon for Hongta Group to create strong team executive ability and it requires us to bring the team spirit into full play, work with each other, cooperate with each other and create value together.
Implementation of 3R rules
3R rules is the core of Hongta Group to implement its cultural value, i.e. use Right man, do Right thing, do Right. "Use Right man" is the precondition; "do Right thing" is the foundation; and "do Right" is the assurance. The organic combination of these three aspects results in the efficient executive ability of Hongta Group.