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Create an enterprise of hundreds of years
There is a cartoon: in a patch of loblolly, a violent water bird is swallowing a frog. The head and half of the body of the frog are in the mouth of the bird with two unable legs moving in disorder; out of exception, the frog suddenly gets its two claws out of the mouth of the bird and jumps onto the neck of the bird.
This cartoon tells us that, if we work hard always, we can achieve our desire...
Let's our life be full of sense of achievement
It is said that, when Napoleon led the troop for war, the same army would have the battle strength doubled. The reason is that the battle strength of army relies on to greatest extent the respect of soldiers to the commander and the confidence in battle. If the commander hesitates, the morale will be at chaos. 
The achievement of one person will never exceed the height his confidence can reach....
Find real self and be a hawk or a chicken
A fable says: one day, one boy in fond of venture climbed onto a mountain near his father hennery and found a hark nest there. He took one piece of hark egg from the nest and brought it to the hennery and mixed it with other eggs to be hatched by a hen; at last, among the chicken hatched, there was a baby hawk. The baby hark grew together with other baby chickens without knowing it was a hawk a...