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Surviving with strength-Assurance of Hongta's strategy
The strength of Hongta Group includes hard strength and soft strength. Hard strength is the visible and touchable physical strength, including tobacco leaf, plant, equipment, etc. while soft strength includes corporate culture, personnel comprehensive quality, etc.. These two strengths are the basis of the brand competitiveness of Hongta Group and the basic assurance for Hongta Group to go to t...
Strengthening enterprise with brand-Core of Hongta Group's strategy
Brand competitiveness indicates the core competitiveness of an enterprise. The development history of Hongta Group represents the growth history of its brand.
The implementation of the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with brand needs to insist on the conception of "have fine and strong Yuxi, have strong and large Hongtashan and have practical and stable Hongmei", improve the brand stru...
To be a multinational-Target of Hongta's Strategy
Multinational is the target of "two spans" set by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration for Hongta Group and also the necessary requirement for Hongta Group when it develops to certain stage. As the symbolic enterprise in the Chinese tobacco industry, Hongta Group has completed the span from the market in Yunnan Province to the market out of Yunnan Province; therefore, to be a multinational...