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To be a world-leading brand
"To be a world-leading brand" means becoming a world-class tobacco brand with high recognition, high reputation and loyalty in the world. We’re devoting ourselves to being a world-leading brand, insist on the development idea of "large enterprise, large brand and large market", continuously strengthen our product quality and tamp the foundation for brand growth; we will continuously have scien...
To be a world-class tobacco group
"To be a world-class tobacco group" means that Hongta Group becomes a tobacco enterprise with strong international competitiveness, top product quality and top customer satisfaction, which is also the basis for us to become a world-leading brand and create an evergreen enterprise. We will consistently take effort and completely improve our soft and hard power so as to change from China-class to...
To be a respected corporate citizen
"To be a respected corporate citizen" means that the enterprise enjoys high reputation and influence in society and becomes a model in regional employment, staff growth, economic development, social harmony, environmental protection, etc.. In the process of realizing corporate mission, Hongta Group always pursues being a respected famous brand enterprise; in addition, it wins social recognition...