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Our mission to environment: Create green
Natural environment is the basis for Hongta Group to survive. We should thank nature for giving us rich resources, so we should not only advocate green tobacco and produce green products, but also protect our natural environment with actions; we strictly abide by national standards, insist on clear production, reduce energy consumption at greatest extent, cherish natural resources, prevent ecol...
Our mission to the country: Create fortune
Creating fortune for the country is the basic responsibility of Hongta Group. We regard the interest of our country above everything else and actively shoulder our historical mission as large tobacco enterprise; we stress the balance between short-term interest and long-term interest and the balance between economic benefit and social benefit. Via continuous and stable operation, we contribute ...
Our mission to customers: Create satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the key for Hongta Group to survive and develop. Our customers include consumers, distributors and partners; win together with customers is the basis for us to have all operation activities. We keep improving our product quality and increasing our technology content; we work hard to make sure every step from seed planting to cigarette burnt to ash is combined with the g...