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Corporate Spirit-No mountain is higher than human being
"No mountain is higher than human being" represents the value pursuit and spiritual insight of Hongta Group. It is the historical witness for the hard work and effort of the people of Hongta, the human-based and pragmatic spiritual state of Hongta people and even the action manifesto of Hongta people to exceed egoism and keep enterprising. 
◆"No mountain is higher than human being" represents ...
Value-Human-orientation, pragmatism and innovation
"Human-orientation, pragmatism and innovation" is the value of Hongta Group and also the most important three dimensions of the core philosophy of Hongta Group. Human-orientation makes us more energetic, pragmatism makes us more enterprising and innovation makes us always full of passion.
◆Human orientation 
Human being represents the three groups, i.e. social mass, customers and staff, Hongta...