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One-heart Management
One-heart management means the management that is based on common value and pursues human-orientation, cooperation and efficiency. It is the essence of the management thought of Hongta Group and is to gather all powers to improve the soft power of the enterprise and make it a world-leading and evergreen group. 
Cooperation creates value
The work of cooperation effect is the foundation for one-heart management. Hongta Group insists on industrial and commercial cooperation, organizational cooperation, target cooperation and action cooperation in order to gather all powers and create value together.
◆Industrial and commercial cooperation-One heart between Hongta and commercial enterprises
Commercial enterprises refer to the most...
Human-orientation results in excellence
Human-orientation is the core property for one-heart management. Hongta Group advocates the human-based management mode and pursues teamwork, mechanism innovation and employee growth. Create human-orientation with one heart and human-orientation results in excellence. 
◆Teamwork- Footstone for one-heart management
Hongta Group advocates the value and code of conduct of teamwork, stresses the u...