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Chuxiong, as a Yi Ethnic Autonomous Prefecture, is located in the middle of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and in the watershed belt of the Red River water system and the Jinsha River water system, one of the cradles of human beings and with centuries-long history and splendid culture. Hongta Group Chuxiong Cigarette Factory is located on this land with enthusiasm.

Hongta Group Chuxiong Cigarette Factory, founded in 1974, had the parent-subsidiary system with Hongta Group in July 1998. In September 2004, it realized the integrated combination with Hongta Group.

Chuxiong has advantageous climate and soil; the tobacco leaf growing here is good in maturity, loose in tissue structure, wet and plump in color and thus is famous around China. For years, Chuxiong has taken efforts to promote the construction of flue-cured tobacco bases and thus the annual output of high-quality tobacco leaves keeps stable around 1 million dan. In addition to sale at home, the tobacco leaves are exported to 16 countries in Europe and America and thus they are granted with the honor by the international tobacco leaf buyers as the most reliable "Tobacco leaves from South China".

Hongta Group Chuxiong Cigarette Factory has more than RMB2 billion fixed assets and total assets up to RMB6.56 billion. In April 1999, it passed the attestation of ISO9002 quality system and obtained the corresponding certificate; in 2001, it completed the conversion of ISO9001 2000. After the Quality Code 2000 and the related process documents came into operation, in April 2002, it passed the corresponding certification with the corporate quality management running into normative and standardized path.

At present, Hongta Group Chuxiong Cigarette Factory has introduced 1 threshing and re-drying line, 2 primary processing lines, 1 cut tobacco expanding line and above 70 sets of forming, filter rod blast-off, secondary processing and packing devices and physical and chemical analysis testing instruments from UK, USA, Germany, Japan, etc. Its threshing and re-drying production capacity per hour is above 10,000 kg; its annual cigarette production and sale is up to 550,000 cases; in addition, it has realized the full-process information-based management, including production, logistics and management.

Add: Lucheng East Road, Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province.

Zip code: 675000

Tel: 0878-3012929

Fax: 0878-3012782