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State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Deputy Director Duan Tieli Investigates Hongta Group's Chuxiong Cigarette Factory (Photos)

On the afternoon of October 9, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Deputy Director Duan Tieli, Economic Operation Department Director Xu Weihua, Board of Directors Office Director Zhang Benfu and related personnel, accompanied by China Tobacco Yunnan Party Member and Vice-General Manager, Hongta Group Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yong and China Tobacco Yunnan Vice-General Manager Chen Zheping, went to Hongta Group's Chuxiong Cigarette Factory to conduct work research.

Wang Yong (1st R) accompanies Duan Tieli (2nd R) and other leaders in the investigation

Duan Tieli led a delegation to visit the crude tobacco industrial and commercial delivery yard, MES production dispatching and command center, tobacco primary processing and wrapping workshop in Chuxiong Cigarette Factory's new factory area. During the investigation, Duan Tieli learned about Chuxiong Cigarette Factory's development situation, brand scale, raw material construction, energy conservation and environmental protection. He fully affirmed the work of Chuxiong Cigarette Factory and requested Chuxiong Cigarette Factory to actively explore and practice the construction of "green factory and smart factory".

Duan Tieli (2nd R) carefully observes the Hongta cigarette brand in tobacco workshop

In the factory production dispatching and command center, Duan Tieli listened to the introduction to the MES system on-line operation, and he also checked the development of the factory's grass-roots Party organization construction in the Party member activity room of the tobacco primary processing workshop.

During the visit, the Party Chief of Chuxiong Cigarette Factory briefly reported on the factory's historical evolution, Party building, production management, brand specifications and other aspects.

During his stay in Chuxiong, Duan Tieli also visited the cigarette retail terminal in Chuxiong city and investigated the tobacco leaf intelligent grading pilot and tobacco leaf purchasing work in Guangtong town.