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Hongta Group is a subordinate key enterprise of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. It was established in Yuxi City, the ...

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"Hongta Happy Fitness Walking" Offline Hiking Event Ends Successfully

On the morning of July 28, the “2019 Fitness Walking Event of Colorful Yunnan Nationwide Fitness Games & Hongta • Yunnan Happy Fitness Walking” was held at Hongta Sports Center. Gathering at the bank of Dianchi Lake, more than 3,500 hikers completed the 9 km of happy fitness walking mileage within three hours.

Surge of the Red Tide

Walking with Joy

Co-sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Sports, Yunnan Province Federation of Trade Unions, Hongta Group and Xingzhi Exploring Group, the Walking Event was divided into the Offline Walking Event and Online "Hongta Happy Fitness Walking".

At 8:50 a.m., Zhu Xiongwei, Member of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union of Hongta Group, delivered a speech on behalf of the Group, announcing the official launch of the Offline Walking Event. He said, the Group held the 2018 Hongta Offline Happy Fitness Walking Event in August 2018, as well as the Online "Hongta Happy Fitness Walking" in the following 60 days, with a total of 280,000 users taking part in and a total of 18.85 million clicks on the Mini Program, achieving very good results. Happy Fitness Walking requires unremitting perseverance and courage to strive for progress, which is the concrete embodiment of the enterprise spirit "Man's will is higher than any mountain" of Hongta Group. In this new era of passion and dreams, let's stay true to our original intention, and ignite our dreams together.

Speech by Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of the Labor Union of Hongta Group, on behalf of the Group

Warming up with Enthusiasm

The main venue of the Event has set up the Hongta historical wall, photographing and check-in sites for web celebrities, photographing wall after the competition, AR interactive area and other areas. Meanwhile, three pairs of "Hongta Happy Fitness Walking Mascots" named "Xin Xin" and "Ran Ran" and five "Hongta Treasure Hunting Spots" were specially set along the track. In full combination with the Online "Hongta Happy Fitness Walking" WeChat Mini Program, people in the Treasure Hunting can get the QR code as the credential to receive souvenirs and participate in the on-site activities once they collect the five words of "Chu, Xin, Xin, Shi, Dia" (original intention in the new era). There were volunteers in each area and "Treasure Hunting Spot" providing warm services and answering questions for participants.

Setting out

At exactly 12 o'clock, all the participants arrived at the destination, and the Event ended successfully.

Good Care

Co-participation of Parents and Children

"Hongta Happy Fitness Walking" integrates mass fitness with sports spirit, letting the public feel the power of walking, and actively advocating the lifestyle of sports and fitness walking for all. The success of 2019 "Hongta Happy Fitness Walking" Event enabled the participants to learn about the development process of Hongta Group for more than 60 years, at the same time, feel the spirit of "Man's will is higher than any mountain" advocated by the Group, that is, the courage to struggle, persistence and self-transcendence.

Endless Joy