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Dali Cigarette Factory wins many technical achievement prizes in the National Six Sigma Project Training Activity

From June 13 to 15, the National Six Sigma Project Training Activity was held in Xi 'an. Four projects submitted by Hongta Group Dali Cigarette Factory have won a prize. Specifically, the project of Reducing Adhesion Rate of Tobacco Leaves in 5T Conditioning Casing Cylinder was awarded a demonstration technical achievement prize, and the three projects of Improving the Cut Tobacco Production Rate of Hongtashan (Classic 1956), Improving the Qualified Rate of Materials for the Feeding Mouth of 3T Tobacco-loosening Moisture-regaining Machine and Reducing the Standard Deviation of Moisture Content in Cut Tobacco of 5T Tobacco Dryer were awarded professional technical achievement prizes.

Hosted by China Quality Periodical Office, this training activity organized a review team composed of university teachers and national famous quality management experts. Through project presentation, case analysis, interactive exchange, expert guidance and other forms, it selected final winners for the three technical achievement prizes, namely "Demonstration Prize", "Professional Prize" and "Improvement Prize". In total, this activity saw 23 enterprises which presented 50 projects covering diverse industries like tobacco, aviation, aerospace, medical treatment, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile. Among them, the projects submitted by Dali Cigarette Factory stood out in the activity and received full affirmation from experts, which shows that the factory has strong process quality control ability, and its lean management level has entered a new level.

Since the beginning of 2019, Dali Cigarette Factory has taken the "productivity" promotion project as the focus, promoting high-quality development as the goal and the lean management as the leverage to move forward with the lean management topics with targeted, solid and specific efforts through the following measures. First, it tries to find out focal points for lean improvement by implementing blanket, problem-oriented improvement activities. Second, it conducts evaluation on lean management topics, ensures the proper use of lean improvement tools and avoids overlapping between topics so as to achieve well-targeted improvement. Third, it avails itself of building "efficient factory", puts lean management on its key work agenda, and makes the six sigma topic declared by the sector as one of its key implementation projects. With the implementation of these measures, Dali Cigarette Factory's lean management has moved up to a new level, which has greatly boosted its high-quality development.