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"Yuxi" and "Hongtashan" Awarded "Leading Brands" of the Times

On June 11, the 3rd Huatang Summer Sugar and Wine Fair was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Invited for the fair, Hongta Group, together with leading enterprises in wine, food, beverage, agriculture, tea, and other industries, paid tribute to the times and put themselves under spotlight. At the opening ceremony, "Marking your time-honor of 70 years·signature brands of China's sugar, wine, and food industries" was released. A host of brands and products of wine, beverage, tobacco and tea competed with each other for the three awards "Leading Brands, Signature Brands, and Cutting-edge Brands". After voting and expert review, "Yuxi" and "Hongtashan" of Hongta Group emerged as winners, awarded "Leading Brands".

Scene of Press Conference

Founded in 1958, "Yuxi" has a history of 61 years. With spirit like "Tobacco field is the No. 1 workshop" and “Keep scaling new heights”, constant efforts have been made to deliver progress, thus shaping classic Chinese brands. Founded in 1973, the 46-year-old "Yuxi" features quality and cultural content. It is a top choice among Chinese cigarettes, leading the way of development for China's high-end cigarettes. For "Yuxi" and "Hongtashan", participants and leaders of China's tobacco industry, such an honor means recognition and encouragement. Going forward, we will remain committed to craftsmanship and keep improving ourselves, seeking to contribute more tax to the country and offer better cigarettes to consumers.

Group photo of representatives from winner institutions

Within the exhibition hall, some 10 "Hongta" brands graced the scene, including: "Yuxi (Jadeite Middle)", "Yuxi (Huaye)", "Yuxi (Original Aspiration)", "Yuxi (Ashima Middle)", "Yuxi (Slim 108)", "Yuxi (Maker)", "Hongtashan (Slim Legend)", and "Hongtashan (New Times)". Staff members arranged the exhibits orderly for streams of citizens and various kinds of dealers. The staff welcomed each visitor with smile and enthusiasm, and answered their questions about Hongta Group and its products. Samples in the exhibition cabinet also interested the audience, who took pictures with mobile phones. It is worth mentioning that in the center of the exhibition zone, there were a large LED screen and three LCD screens, on which product promotion videos were played non-stop to display corporate image and brand culture.

Citizens and various kinds of dealers come to exhibition hall

The fair was held on June 11-13, with exhibits including: beverage, wine, innovative food, tea, special farm produce, food materials, imports, and equipment and service chain resources, featuring large scale, wide range of varieties, and new products. The fair attracted some 100 sugar, wine, and food enterprises, which showcased nearly 1,000 kinds of products. Around 100 marketing experts in and outside of the industries came to share ideas, and some 20 thousand dealers countrywide came to study, visit, and identify business opportunities.

The staff welcomed each visitor with smile and enthusiasm.