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Hongta Group Holds On-site Coordination Meeting for High-end Cigarette Production Line Quality Improvement Project

On June 3, Hongta Group held an on-site coordination meeting for high-end cigarette production line quality improvement project in the pilot plant of Yuxi Cigarette Factory. Li Heng, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Hongta Group, Cao Hang, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of Labor Union, and Investigator Ge Fuming attended the meeting.

Scene of the meeting

At the meeting, Ma Yuncan, Factory Director of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, reported on the high-end cigarette production line quality improvement project.

Li Heng fully recognized the phased results of the project. It took only two months to study, formulate, and implement the project and test and assess the techniques, which showed the speed of Hongta Group, said Li Heng. During the implementation of the project, all functional departments of the Group, together with Yuxi Cigarette Factory, have made concerted efforts while fulfilling their respective duties, showing the Hongta spirit of solidarity. He hoped all parties to press ahead and renew their efforts, pool together the Group's advantages in raw materials, equipment, technology, and talent, and work to enhance product quality with Hongta spirit and speed, seeking to empower the renewal of Hongta brand. All officials and workers of the Group should take the project as an opportunity, take a problem-oriented approach, ensure full participation, inspire themselves with the guideline "We can do much better", assume their respective responsibility, take the initiative to pursue innovation and renew the brand, and be active in integrating with the times, shoulder new missions, and engage in new endeavors, noted Li Heng.

Li Heng, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hongta Group

As for works of the next stage of the project, Li Heng proposed relevant requirements to each institution and department: Yuxi Cigarette Factory should work to verify products and enhance management, do a work in equipment guarantee, and attach great importance to the nurturing of master workers, craftsmen, high-skilled talent, and professional managers; Process Quality Department should work to cooperate with Technology Center closely and proactively, coordinate with the latter in product verification and smoking assessment; Equipment and Technology Department should do a good work in the effect assessment of whole equipment, provide scientific assessment and verification results, and seek to enhance equipment efficiency; Publicity and Planning Department should follow the value orientation advocated by China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. in the "Management Enhancement Year", namely "We can do much better", tell a good story of craftsmanship, quality, and dedication, and coordinate Marketing Center in publicizing high-price, high-end products.

As for the visual identity reshaping plan for the pilot plant of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, Li Heng offered guidance and three requirements: first, fixed lines should be designed for visitors to view the production lines of high-end cigarette; second, analogy, data interpretation, and other methods should be used to explain the accuracy and professional degree of production lines to visitors; third, smoking room should be well arranged to offer sound visiting experience combining online visiting and offline smoking; fourth, a special line for visiting and photo-taking should be arranged to further promote high-end products through industrial tourism.

Cao Hang, Ge Fuming, Zhu Xiongwei, and other officials of the Group, Hu Pei, Party Secretary of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, and Deputy Factory Director Zheng Qiandong offered their suggestions on the test and production of high-end cigarette production lines in terms of positioning, process test and evaluation, better quality management and control, software and hardware enhancement, team building, on-site management, and layout of production environment. They also provided opinions on the amendment of the visual identity reshaping plan.

Responsible persons of Group office, Publicity and Planning Department, Production Center, Equipment and Technology Department, Process Quality Department, and pilot plant of Yuxi Cigarette Factory all made it clear that they will go all out to support the test and production of the special production line, and make constant innovation to ensure the smooth, efficient operation of it.

At the meeting, Equipment and Technology Department and Process Quality Department reported their works on key techniques and equipment of the project, and progress of the special maintenance of process control equipment; the Party Building Section of Yuxi Cigarette Factory reported on the visual identity reshaping plan.