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Officials of Publicity and Education Department of All-China Federation of Trade Unions Inspect Hongta Group on Staff Competence Enhancement

In the afternoon on May 30, Yang Wanxiong, Deputy Head of the Publicity and Education Department of All-China Federation of Trade Unions inspected Hongta Group on competence enhancement of staff, accompanied by relevant officials of Yunnan Province Federation of Trade Unions and Yuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. The inspection delegation visited the exhibition hall of Hongta Group and Roll-Packing Workshop No. 2 of YuXi Cigarette Factory, and then held a seminar in the meeting room of Packing Workshop No. 2. Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of the Labor Union of Hongta Group, labor role models of the Group, and relevant staff attended the seminar.

Scene of the seminar

At the meeting, Zhu Xiongwei gave a report on the work of staff competence improvement of Hongta Group: the Labor Union of Hongta Group fully leveraged on its resources strength, started with team construction and "two rooms and one station", and strove to deliver technological breakthroughs through "1+1+1" apprentice modes (guidance of role model + instruction of master workers + study of apprentices). All these efforts have given play to the leading role of labor models in making technological breakthroughs, stimulated their initiative, enhanced staff competence, and empowered the Group in seeking quality development.

Then, representatives of labor models shared their experience. During their communication, they praised the company for offering a broad platform to enhance their competence, and for creating an enabling environment where they are encouraged to do works, thus building up confidence and making constant progress. They also expected the issuing of relevant policies, systems, and standards on the management of corporate education funds, so as to alleviate the pressure of staff education.

Yang Wanxiong fully recognized the Group for its results and experience in staff competence enhancement. The development of Hongta Group epitomized the 70 years journey of China. During this period, Hongta Group has always attached great importance to staff education and their competence improvement, and taken different measures at different stages, thus accumulating much valuable experience. The growth stories of representatives fully showcased the leading role of models, and also showed the urgency of staff's sustained learning.

In the end, Yang Wanxiong said that the Labor Union will summarize and report on key issues, difficulties, and suggestions related to staff competence enhancement, consider these matters in an overall manner, and identify new solutions and methods, in a way to advance the works of staff competence improvement.