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Hongta Group Organizes Activities for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

This May 12 is the 11th National Day for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in China. Therefore, to enhance the relevant awareness of the cadres and employees, and improve the abilities in keeping away from earthquake disaster, defending and rescuing themselves, Hongta Group organized a series of activities for disaster prevention and mitigation, with the theme of “improving abilities to prevent and control disasters, and building a safe defense line”.

On May 14, Hongta Group invited Li Daogui, Researcher of Earthquake Administration of Yunnan Province, to deliver a special lecture centered on the awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, the emergency response after an earthquake, and self-rescue and self-protection skills. On May 15, the Group Office and Security Commission Office co-organized earthquake and evacuation drills in the administrative building and commercial building.

It is assumed that a strong earthquake of magnitude 5.0 or above occurs in Hongta Area with the duration of 20 seconds; the second wave occurs 15 minutes later; power and water are cut off in the two buildings. At 10:00 a.m. when the evacuation instruction was released via the emergent broadcast, all personnel evacuated to the emergency assembly point according to the emergency plan. At 10:08 a.m, all evacuated, and completed the assembly and counting. The evacuation drills shall cover 372 people, while 390 attended, including relevant parties and temporary outsiders, and no casualties were found among all participants.

Zhu Xiongwei, President of Labor Union of Hongta Group, delivered a wrap-up speech, in which he fully affirmed the drill effects. All of the departments paid high attention to the drill and conducted publicity and training and the spread of education. Moreover, the specific time was not released in advance, which reflected the authenticity, and the whole activity achieved the expected effect. Zhu Xiongwei also emphasized that the occurrence of natural disasters is irresistible, but people can minimize the loss through effective measures. More drills, less casualties. He hoped that everyone can enhance their awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation, improve their ability to save themselves, and firmly master the ability to escape in critical situations.

During the drill

Thanks to this series of drills, employees have further raised their awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation, mastered the common sense of emergency escape, improved the emergency response in the face of a sudden disaster, and enhanced their self-rescue and self-protection abilities.