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Two Workers of Yuxi Cigarette Factory Were Awarded as “Yunling Craftsman” and “May Day Labor Award” of Yunnan Province (Photo)

On April 29, Lyu Xiaobo and Wang Liangchun of Yuxi Cigarette Factory attended the Yunnan Celebration for the International Workers’ Day & Commendation Conference held in Haigeng Auditorium, Kunming, and both of them received the grand commendation as the “Yunling Craftsman” and the winner of “May Day Labor Award” of Yunnan Province.

The awarded Lyu Xiaobo (left) and Wang Liangchun (right)

Lyu Xiaobo, with the titles of the senior technician and senior engineer, enjoys the special government allowances of Yunnan Province, and meanwhile he is also the panel member of Vocational Skills Appraisal of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, the referee of professional skills competitions, a senior examiner, an evaluation expert of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards, as well as the first group of the first-class maintenance engineers employed by the Group. With more than 20 years of technical experience at the grass-root level, He studies the equipment technology, and keeps innovating and improving, which endows him with a craftsmanship spirit of pursuing for perfection. Winning the honorary titles including “Technical Expert of Yunnan Province”, “National May Day Labor Award” and “Chief Technician of Yunling”, he has led the establishment of “Lyu Xiaobo Technical Experts Studio” and “Yunnan Provincial Work Station for Workers and Technicians”.


In 2015, Wang Liangchun was stationed outside the factory in Meidang Village, Fuliangpeng Township, E’shan County as the first secretary of the village’s general party branch and the leader of the village support team. Taking root in the poor village for years, he devoted himself to poverty alleviation, and conducted thorough investigation. Based on the overall arrangements of poverty alleviation and the innovated model of relieving poverty, he put his focus on the shortages, and implemented the targeted poverty alleviation measures according to local situation. Therefore, the village committee has seen increasingly improved infrastructure and gradually formed industrial development pattern, which ensures people’s livehood in an all-around way. With the greatly improved people’s happiness index, outstanding achievements were made in the anti-poverty war.


During the key period when the whole Group is striving to enhance the competitiveness of products and make new progress, a large group of craftsman and model workers play a leading role to perform their duties and make special contributions to the Labor Day with practical action.