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Yuxi Cigarette Factory Wins the Title of “Advanced Group” for Three Consecutive Years

The good news came from the 7th Conference on the Recognition of National Advanced Groups and Model Workers of Tobacco Industry that Yuxi Cigarette Factory of Hongta Group won the title of “Advanced Group”. Ma Yuncan, Head and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, on behalf of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, received the grand recognition of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. Yang Cunlong and Wang Guoqi, front-line workers of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, were awarded the title of “Model Workers” with commendation.

The scene of commendation

On the basis of Yuxi Cigarette Factory founded in 1956, Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in September 1995, and later renamed as Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. After restoring its organizational system in June 2007, the factory has taken the production task for the high-class and main-brand cigarettes for Hongta Group, and the annual production capacity of more than 2 million cases makes it the largest manufacturer of Hongta Group. This factory has won numerous honors, including “National Civilized Unit”, “Good Behavior Enterprise of National AAAA Standardization”, “National Advanced Group of Supervisor Training in Safety Production”, and “Model Unit for Cigarette Factories in China”.


With a positive response to the strategic tasks of “producing high-quality cigarette” and “boosting high-quality development” of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, Yuxi Cigarette Factory has taken the lead in introducing the concept of lean production. Aiming to achieve the goals of “digital factory—lean production—excellent performance—cultural management” step by step, it is developing a model of lean management and boosting its leading advantages in management model, operation mechanism, production index and product manufacture, striving to achieve high-quality development.


The Advanced Group is elected in China’s tobacco industry every five years, and Yuxi Cigarette Factory, since it restored the organizational system in 2007, has won this title of the 5th, 6th and 7th sessions.