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Hongta Group Released 2018 Outstanding QC Achievements

On April 23, Hongta Group 2018 Outstanding QC Achievements Release Conference was held in Yuxi. 5 achievements got the first prize, 10 second and 6 third.

During the conference

Zhu Xuecheng, Vice General Manager of Hongta Group, delivered a speech on fruits and problems of 2018 QC activities of the Group and arranged corresponding works in the next step. As he said, the year 2019 marks the management improvement of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd., and therefore, the QC activities should be carried out in combination with the relevant instructions and goals. Senior officials should urge everyone to take the rise and fall of Hongta Group as their own responsibilities. Centered on the improvement of product competitiveness, efforts should be made to enhance the “technology, production, quality, management and culture” in a systematical way, so to as to boost the high-quality development of the Group. The QC activities should embody the new responsibilities and new achievements based on the new requirements in the new era. The focus should be put on the strategic goals and major processes, as well as cost decreasing and benefit increasing, to make arrangements for key issues. With the efforts made to improve operation, monitor costs and promote innovation to achieve the goals, the QC activities can play a positive role in enhancing the competitiveness of products. The production managers are responsible for popularizing the activities among new employees, and play as the teacher, helper and instructor to train young cadres and skilled talent with the QC activities.

In 2018, the QC Group of Hongta Group, under the support of leaders and the active participation of members, overcame difficulties and made 193 results, 21 of which were presented at the release conference after phrases of review and recommendation. Purposes of QC results cover quality improvement, consumption reduction, field perfection and efficiency promotion. Taking new trends and new changes in industrial development into consideration, all QC groups made bold innovations, active explorations and constant improvement. They effectively carried out activities with theories and methods of quality management.

To conduct the deliverables evaluation, Hongta Group set a review committee for the QC achievements in 2018. Led by Zhu Xuecheng, Vice General Manager of the Group, Xue Jianru, Director of Department of Economy Operation, serves as the assistant leader of the leading group, and members include Yang Yongsheng, Li Mengyang, Li Maoyuan, Zhang Runcai, Li Mengyin, and Shi Haiyan. Reviewers include Kong Bin, Si Yinzhao, and Yang Yuyan.

After serious evaluation, the first prizes went to Electromechanical Maintenance QC Group of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, “Doraemon” QC Group of Zhaotong Cigarette Factory, “Pangolin” QC Group of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, FK350 QC Group of Chuxiong Cigarette Factory and “Powerful Engine” QC Group of Dali Cigarette Factory. In addition, 10 achievements won second prizes and 6 third.

Zhu Xuecheng, together with relevant principals of Hehe Group, Yuxi Cigarette Factory, Department of Economy Operation of Hongta Group, and Logistics Center, awarded prizes to the winners.

Group photo of leaders and winners