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Zhaotong Cigarette Factory Organized the Master-Apprentice Story-Sharing Session of “Young Dream Builders for Craftsmanship Inheritance” (Photos)

To promote and develop the craftsmanship spirit, enrich the connotation of “Master Instructing Apprentice”, and give publicity to the stories about Zhaotong’s cigarettes, Zhaotong Cigarette Factory organized a story-sharing session themed with “Young Dream Builders for Craftsmanship Inheritance” on April 23 at the third-floor multi-functional hall of the staff canteen. There were more than 130 attendees including the members of the leading group, three directors, party branch secretaries, Chairman and Secretary of League Sub-Branch of Grass-Roots Labor Union, principals of workshops and relevant departments, factory-level masters together with their apprentices, as well as young employees.

During the sharing session

The apprentice tells the story between him and his master

The masters share their experience in teaching, helping and instructing their apprentices with the attendees

Test of tacit understanding between master and apprentice

The session opened with the playing of an inspiring MV named “Stay True to the Mission for the Dream of Hongta Group”. Three young apprentices then told their moving stories that their masters taught them skills and studied together with them, helped them in life with selfless care, and provided them with guidance and support in their feelings. On the spot, three masters shared their experience in how to teach, help and instruct the apprentice, and answered the questions of young employees. During the test of tacit understanding, the game of “U Act, I Guess” showed the tacit understanding between masters and apprentices. At last, young employees, through poetry recitation, expressed their love for the factory and also their gratitude to their apprentices.

Liu Xianghong, Secretary of the Party Committee, talks about her life experience and communicates with young employees

Speech from a young employee

Speech from a young employee

Liu Xianghong, Secretary of the Party Committee, combined her life experience and focused on the theme of “Learning, Faith and Love” to communicate with attendees. She encouraged young employees to undertake life-long learning and firm their ideals and beliefs with high inspirations and a down-to-earth attitude. In her opinion, the youth should cherish the moment to fight harder for their bright future with great passion, and combine their prospects with the development of the factory to realize their value.

Zhang Zhiyong, Head of the Factory, delivers a wrap-up speech

In his speech, Zhang Zhiyong pointed out that the factory, with much attention paid to talent training, implemented the plan of “New Craftsmen in the New Era” and the activities of “Master Instructing Apprentice”, aiming to build platforms for talent training. Departments at all levels should also attach great importance to this aspect and consider the overall situation for long-term development, so as to facilitate the in-depth implementation of these activities with substantial results made. He hopes young employees can stick to and think deeply their responsibility and mission with gratitude, endeavor to make innovations, and conduct down-to-earth work, so as to contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of the factory.