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Hongta Group Makes Solid Efforts to Deepen the Special Campaign against Gang Crime

In order to implement the document requirements of provincial and municipal departments, Hongta Group has made solid efforts on the special crackdown on gang crime and phased achievements have been made.


Hongta Group has a deep understanding that the special crackdown is a major decision by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It bears on overall social stability, national long-term stability, as well as on reassuring the people and consolidating the grassroots governance. Therefore, the Group attaches great importance to it and takes many measures to carry out the responsibility system for the publicity of the special campaign against gang crime, and intensify its efforts on publicity and education to combat it within the Group.


In early 2018, the Group established a leading group special for the publicity of the 2018 annual comprehensive treatment of public security and maintenance of social stability to carry out a series of publicity activities around the theme of “Safe Yuxi, Safe Hongta”, with the crackdown on gang crime as the main content for extensive publicity and education.


To further strengthen its efforts on internal publicity and education, in 2019, the Group has been actively in setting up special columns on the crackdown on gang crime through comprehensive measures combining such traditional media as display boards, stickers and brochures with new media including WeChat, Weibo and app and the Group’s intranet. The aim is to maximize the coverage of publicity and education on the rule of law for the special crackdown, and eliminate the conditions for the existence of criminal syndicates on thought. Apart from the aforementioned moves, the Group has specially produced various videos for publicity and played them on electronic screens in densely populated places, so as to increase the appeal of publicity. The Group has also organized the exam of “Knowledge and Countermeasures on the Crackdown on Gang Crime” by promoting Hongta Law Knowledge – Special Issue on the Crackdown on Gang Crime, thus creating a public opinion atmosphere for the smooth development of the crackdown.

Publicizing through videos

Along with the publicity of the crackdown, the Group has conducted a thorough investigation on internal instability factors as well. For one thing, concerted efforts with local police station have made to investigate the involvement in gang crime of employees and contractors of the Group. For another, the personnel involved in finance and debts have been investigated to keep up with various contradictions and instability factors affecting social stability, so as to put forward immediate solutions and avoid and reduce the instability factors.

Giving away brochures

Arranging display boards