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Hongta Group Held Safety Work & Commendation Meeting

Recently, the 2019 Safety Work Meeting & Commendation Meeting was held by Hongta Group in Yuxi. The meeting offered a careful summary on the Group’s safety work in 2018, an analysis on the situation and existing problems in safety production, and the deployment of the Group’s safety work in 2019.

Scene of the meeting

The meeting was attended by Li Heng, General Manager of Hongta Group and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Hongta Group, Cao Hang, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hongta Group, Ge Fuming, an investigator of Hongta Group, Zhu Xuecheng, Vice-General Manager of Hongta Group, Zhu Xiongwei, President of the Labor Union of Hongta Group, as well as heads and related personnel from the four factories and functional departments in the Group in Yunnan Province.

The meeting was presided over by Zhu Xiongwei.

At the meeting, Li Heng stressed that the Group should firmly establish the concept of “safe development” and should reinforce the safety production and network information security by focusing on the central task of Hongta Group’s high-quality development. By carrying forward the idea of “putting people and life first” and with the purpose of “risk identification, process managing and controlling, hazard cleanup and accidents preventing”, the Group should improve its political awareness, strengthen its sense of responsibility, lay a solid foundation of security, prevent and dissolve risks and enhance its management level according to the six strict standards and requirements for safe production proposed by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, thus creating a good safety environment for the Group’s production, operation and brand development.

Zhu Xiongwei delivered a work report on the safety of Hongta Group in 2019. The report suggests that, in 2018, the Group achieved remarkable results in its safety work. China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hongta Group also achieved their safety targets on two aspects including injury rate per 1,000 employees below 0.2‰ and mortality rate of work safety accident per 1,000 employees below 0.055‰, accident-free indicators in three aspects involving fire accident with direct financial loss over RMB 300,000, bus accidents with direct financial loss over RMB 100,000 and traffic accidents with equal responsibility and “100% in six aspects” and the requirements of “six advancing measures”. After analyzing the situation and problems faced by the Group, the safety objective of “guarantees in four aspects” and “zero accidents in five aspects” was set up for 2019, with five key tasks highlighted and contributions made to the Group’s high-quality development.

Li Heng, General Manager of Hongta Group and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Hongta Group, signed the 2019 Responsibility Letter for Security Environment and Network Information Security with the Party and government leaders of the four factories in Yunnan Province. At the meeting, Zhu Xuecheng delivered a work report on Hongta Group’s network and information security. The report gave an emphasis on the role of informatization and intelligence in improving enterprise competitiveness, and close relationship between enterprise development and network and information security building. Moreover, the work for 2019 network information security was deployed from such seven aspects as responsibility system for network security, network security education, information system construction, monitoring and detecting, technical system, emergency safeguard mechanism and talents building.

The meeting also commended the advanced units and individuals of Hongta Group for their safety work in 2018, and the leaders of the Group present gave awards to the representatives of the advanced units and individuals.