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Zhou Tao, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Group of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd., Pays a Survey Visit to Hongta Group

Zhou Tao, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Group of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial"), paid a survey visit to Hongta Group from February 20 to 21.

Accompanied by Li Heng, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Hongta Group, Cao Hang, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Hongta Group, Ge Fuming, a researcher of Hongta Group, Zhu Xuecheng, Vice General Manager of Hongta Group, Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of the Labor Union of Hongta Group and other leaders, Zhou Tao paid a visit to the Dispatching and Command Center, No. 1 Workshop for Re-drying, No. 2 Workshop for Making Cut Tobacco and Cigarette and Composite Filter Workshop of Yuxi Cigarette Plant to learn about and inspect the planning and construction, technique layout, production process, lean management and the construction of grass-roots Party organizations of Yuxi Cigarette Plant, and also listen to the work report.

A scene of the Symposium

In the process of the Survey Symposium, Li Heng introduced the basic information of Hongta Group on behalf of the leading group. Li Heng indicated that since the reform of "Two Unification and Two Integrations", Hongta Group has adhered to the functional orientation of "assuming the main responsibility of production management" to adjust its working ideas and priorities, stick to take the brand market as the core, strengthen the coordination of research, production and marketing, highlight four major tasks of "strict standardization, lean management, modern manufacturing and team building", conduct in-depth construction of internal management system and enhance basic management, so as to refine internal skills, explore its potential and improve its strength. It has conducted in-depth construction of internal management system, enhanced the application of "the Letter of Commitment and the Business Plan", strengthened confidence, constantly promoted the in-depth integration of information and management, vigorously carried forward the spirit of "everyone should hold himself or herself responsible for the welfare of Hongta Group", actively undertaken tasks and responsibilities and taken a lead to make innovative and practical results, and overcome difficulties by taking "Yuxi (Original Aspiration)" as a breakthrough point and pooling the wisdom and efforts of all employees. In 2017, the development of "Yuxi" brand has stopped its downward trend and become stabilized, the status adjustment and the inventory reduction have achieved initial effects, the product structure has been improved, and the economic benefit has been realized from negative to positive. In 2018, based on the stable condition achieved in 2017, the key brand of Hongta Group has made progress while maintaining stability. In the next step, Hongta Group will clarify the objectives and tasks of high-quality development, thoroughly understand the spirit of the industry and China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Work Conference, firmly establish the "Overall Chessboard" idea of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial, persist in taking the brand market as the core and deepening the reform, strengthen the innovation-driven factor, implement key projects to enhance product strength, fully optimize the structure and stabilize the share, strive to improve the quality of the supply system, and spare no effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of brand development. The key work is to adhere to the Party's leadership and strengthen Party building; implement the product strength enhancement project to promote brand transformation and upgrading; establish a sound production organization guarantee system with quality control as its primary responsibility; strengthen the foundation, and improve the ability of lean development; pioneer the research to seize the first-mover advantage in the development of new tobacco products; strengthen the construction of talent team and stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the management.

Ma Yunshen, Director of Yuxi Cigarette Plant and the personnel in charge of Yuyan On-site Technical Renovation Project reported the situation of Yuxi Cigarette Plant and the basic information, design scheme, implementation progress and existing problems of the Yuyan On-site Technical Renovation Project.

Leaders of Hongta Group, including Cao Hang, Ge Fuming, Zhu Xuecheng and Zhu Xiongwei, delivered speeches related to brand development, raw material of tobacco, production and management, the existing problems in Yuyan On-site Technical Renovation Project and the thinking on high-quality development of the enterprise.

Zhou Tao made a concluding speech. He said that Hongta Group and Yuxi Cigarette Plant boast a thick and fine history and have been respected by the industry and all sectors of the society. The brands of "Yuxi" and "Hongtashan" enjoy a very high reputation among the consumers and have not been easy to develop so far. Hongta Group and Yuxi Cigarette Plant should inherit the excellent tradition, promote high-quality development, and let enterprise management reach a new level. Zhou Tao asked leading cadres at all levels of Hongta Group to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the older generation of Yuyan people who worked hard, pragmatically and diligently, maintained perseverance and actively managed the first-line workshop well, so as to make every effort to build China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hongta Group into the leader of tobacco industry.

After analyzing the current situation of the industry, Zhou Tao stressed that in the face of challenges, China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial should enhance confidence and accurately understand the new situation, unswervingly deepen and improve the "Two Unification and Two Integrations" and fundamentally solve the problems. Hongyunhonghe Group and Hongta Group should firmly establish the "Overall Chessboard" idea of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial, insist on taking the brand market as the core, persist in deepening the reform, compete with each other in "unity", "management power" and "execution power", set out again with firm confidence, and start the "self-defense counterattack" of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial.

Zhou Tao required that Party building should be conducted practically to make people armed with the Party's theory, so that Party building can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; market analysis should be made carefully to highlight the main forces and win the "positional warfare" of product sales; leading cadres should be "down-to-earth" cadres who learn to find ways to solve practical problems from General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech and other theories, and carry out the principle of "from the people, to the people"; It is required to keep in mind the Party's discipline, strengthen political discipline and organizational discipline, strictly abide by integrity discipline, and the CPC Committee of Hongta Group should enhance discipline inspection and supervision work, "find minor problems as early as possible", refuse to cover up the problem or exaggerate the problem, prevent problems from happening again, and make Party members and cadres stand in awe and keep the bottom line. It is required to spend effort on management. The improvement of enterprise management is the breakthrough to achieve high-quality development and an important factor to deepen the "Two Unification and Two Integrations". In order to improve management, it is necessary to "squeeze water and foam" and expose the problems, make great efforts in "process and cost reduction", and firmly grasp various indicators. It is also required to tell the truth, look for problems in yourself, and solve the problems once you find them. As for the construction of the cadre team, it is required to consider it as a whole and form echelons, dig deep into the potential under the premise of good control of overall principle, and promote the cultivation and improvement of the quality and ability of the cadre team.

Zhou Tao also put forward requirements for the on-site technical renovation of Yuxi Cigarette Plant.

Zhou Tao (middle) makes a survey visit to the workshop

The leaders of the Enterprise Management Department and Safety Management Department of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial also participated in the survey. The deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Hongta Group, secretary of the Board of Directors of Hongta Group, leaders of Yuxi Cigarette Plant and the main personnel in charge of Party affairs from functional departments of headquarters of Hongta Group attended the Survey Symposium.