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Insist on the General Tone of Seeking Progress while Maintaining Stability to Write the New Chapter of High-Quality Development of the Industry

On January 17, the 2019 National Tobacco Working Meeting (hereinafter referred to as "Meeting") was convened in Beijing. The Meeting aims at further studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress; earnestly implementing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference; conveying, studying and implementing the instrumental instructions of leading comrades of the State Council; summarizing the working condition of the tobacco industry in 2018; analyzing the industrial situation; making an arrangement on the key tasks in 2019. Miao Wei, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, attended the Meeting and addressed; Guo Kailang, a member of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, and Head of Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Commission of Supervision of the PRC attended the Meeting for guidance. Zhang Jianmin, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Director General of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and General Manager of China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC), delivered the work report; Yang Peisen and Zhao Hongshun, members of the Leading Party Members' Group and Deputy Directors General of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, Gao Lin, a member of the Leading Party Members' Group, and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Tobacco Monopoly Administration of Tianjin City, Xu Ying and Duan Tieli, members of the Leading Party Members' Group and Deputy Directors General of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration attended the Meeting.

After reporting the main working conditions of the national system of industry and information technology in 2018, Miao Wei noted that by strictly and seriously performing such missions as the construction of the Party, operational regulation and control, monopoly management, reform and innovation, and tobacco control fulfillment last year, the tobacco industry has steadily advanced the Party building undertakings, through which, the cigarette structure has been continuously optimized, the production restriction & inventory shrink has achieved remarkable success, the poverty alleviation has witnessed substantial results, and the tobacco control fulfillment has been proceeded orderly. The industrial development has yielded positive outcomes, by which, the quality and benefit have been steadily enhanced.

As Miao Wei stressed, throughout 2019, the tobacco industry shall be banded together to strive and struggle for forging ahead through earnestly implementing various tasks. Firstly, the political stance shall be unshaken to comprehensively enhance the working condition of Party building. Prioritizing persistently the political construction of the Party, the tobacco industry shall guarantee that the decisions and deployments of the Central Party Committee have been determinedly implemented; in order to reinforce the ideological and theoretical arm, the tobacco industry shall deeply promote the normalization and institutionalization of learning and education featuring "Two Studies and One Action" ; by seriously supervising the working quality of grass-roots Party building, the tobacco industry shall greatly intensify the organizing capacity of primary Party organizations of the industry; while furthering the work style construction, the industry shall steadfastly implementing the Eight-point Regulation of the Central Government and corresponding enforcement regulation spirits; the industry shall boost the development in depth and breadth of comprehensively enhancement of Party self-discipline to further emphasize corruption combat and integrity encouragement. Secondly, the tobacco industry shall gather strength to seek development and vigorously blaze the high-quality development path. The industry shall place emphasis on cost reduction to strongly promote the lean production; determinedly reduce the inventory to balance the commercial inventory and social inventory to a reasonable state; value the management by exploring the modern management pattern of the tobacco industry with Chinese characteristics; continue to optimize the structure, and deeply implement the "Enhancement on Variety, Quality and Brand" to perfect the structure of cigarette products. Thirdly, the tobacco industry shall acclimate the trend of times to promote the reform, so as to constantly unlock the endogenous growth momentum of the industry. On the basis of adhering to and maintaining the tobacco monopoly system, the industry shall ratchet up the corporation system reform of CNTC, implement the in-depth market-oriented reform of the cigarette marketing, further advance the reform of the administrative approval system, and deepen the reform of the talents management system. Fourthly, the tobacco industry shall be responsible for the tobacco control fulfillment for the new era while bearing in mind the overall situation. Based on the overall work condition of the Party and China, the tobacco industry shall positively respond to the strategy of Healthy China, well balance the relationship between industrial development and tobacco control fulfillment, constantly improve the fulfillment mechanism and team building in the industry, and perform the related responsibilities and duties prescribed in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, so as to build the industry a responsible image to the society.

Zhang Jianmin pointed out in the work report that in 2018, the whole industry has prioritized the political construction of the Party, adhering to together plan, arrange, implement and examine the Party building with central tasks. By virtue of the sound implementation of diversified measures, the economic operation has ushered in a stable and promising progress, the market climate has been turning for the better, the brand cultivation has made new breakthrough, the structural optimization has witnessed new development, and the industrial reform and development have harvested new results. Throughout the year, the total tax profit registered RMB 1,155.62 billion, a year-on-year growth of 3.69%; the total amount paid to the national finance reached RMB 1,000.08 billion, a year-on-year growth of 3.37%.

Zhang Jianmin stressed that despite the increasingly complex and fickle internal and external environment the tobacco industry faces at present, it shall be more resolutely fulfill the "Two Maintenance" rising to the more complex situation and arduous tasks. In the meantime of thoroughly following the orders from the Central Party Committee, the industry shall firmly establish the "Four Awareness", and insist on the "Four Confidence", so as to perform the unwavering response to what advocated by the Central Party Committee, unwavering implementation to what decided by the Central Party Committee, and unwavering ban on what prohibited by the Central Party Committee; the industry shall be more steadfast on the strategic stance to concentrate on own missions, judge correctly, and plan scientifically on the strategy to gain initiative, as well as prudently act after sober observation and planning while formulating policy, so as to march forward in the right direction; the industry shall insist on the problem orientation to be brave enough to face problems, adept at finding problems, and courageous to resolve various contradictions and challenges to hold firmly the working initiative by centering on the current undertakings; the industry shall be more responsible and accountable in an active manner to consciously positioning in the overall work situation of the Party and China, shoulder the responsibilities of comprehensively strengthening the Party self-discipline, facilitating the stable reform and development, and well performing own tasks through practices, so as to drive the whole industry to foster the sound climate of accountability consideration, accountability courage and accountability adeptness.

As Zhang Jianmin proposed, in 2019, the whole industry shall deepen the supply-side structural reform in an all-round way, accelerate the establishment of modern tobacco economic system, vigorously trigger the vitality of tobacco enterprises, innovate and improve the operational regulation and control, and comprehensively promote the operation stabilization, structure optimization, brand cultivation, inventory reduction, cost control and tax profit increase in the process of insisting on the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability. Moreover, while keeping the economic operation within a reasonable range, the industry shall be a propeller in fighting against the three major storming fortifications to improve the quality and efficiency of development, so as to write the new chapter of the high-quality industrial development, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC with excellent performance.

Arrangements and deployments for the key tasks of the industry in 2019 have also been made by Zhang Jianmin: firstly, the industry shall persist on promoting the comprehensive strengthening of the Party self-discipline. While prioritizing the political construction of the Party, the industry shall pay high attention to the intensified building of grass-roots organizations, boost the detailed implementation of entity responsibility in comprehensively strengthening the Party self-discipline, consolidate and deepen the inspection work, and maintain the tough stance on corruption combat. Secondly, the industry shall advance the supply-side structural reform in depth. It shall struggle for the "consolidation, enhancement, improvement and unobstructed", and solidify the achievements of "capacity reduction, destocking, deleveraging, cost reduction and underdeveloped areas improvement", so as to boost the vitality of tobacco enterprises, improve the overall level of tobacco industrial chain, and unblock the tobacco economic cycle. Thirdly, the industry shall actively facilitate the quality and efficiency enhancement on tobacco production. Abiding by the restriction on acquisition scale, the industry shall continue to optimize the tobacco structure, accelerate to change the production mode, and innovate the production organization pattern to advance the reform on circulation links, energetically catalyze the income increase for tobacco growers, as well as strive for the maintenance of stable development. Fourthly, the industry shall constantly perfect the supervision over the tobacco market. In addition to persistently highlighting the management and supervision of monopoly, the industry shall always maintain the tough stance to unswerving crack down on the counterfeit and smuggling, and standardize the cigarette marketing, so as to strive to purify the order environment of the tobacco market. Fifthly, the industry shall comprehensively drive the industrial reform and innovation. While advocating the corporation system reform of CNTC, the market-oriented reform of the cigarette marketing, the reform of "delegating power, streamlining administration and optimizing government services", the "go global" reform of system and mechanism, and reform of labor dispatch and management, the industry shall reinforce the innovation in scientific system and mechanism, as well as improve the mechanism of tobacco control fulfillment of the industry. Sixthly, the industry shall assist in fighting against the three major battles. The industry shall offer assistance in preventing and resolving major risks, timely inspecting and resolving risks in key fields; in targeted poverty alleviation, strongly supporting and earnestly coordinating with regional poverty alleviation tasks; in preventing and controlling pollution, building a resource-saving and environmental-friendly industry. Seventhly, the industry shall exert efforts in building a loyal, cleanhanded and responsible high-quality leader team. The industry shall establish and improve the leaders' working system for quality cultivation, qualification & morality assessment, selection & appointment, strict management and positive encouragement to comprehensively cultivate, select, manage and appoint leaders.

Totally 153 participants involving principals of units like the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, departments of CNTC, principals of subordinate units of the industry, and directors of office attended the Meeting.