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Yunnan Tobacco Industry High-quality Development Work Conference Emphasizes Vigorous Promotion of Reform and Innovation

On December 29, the Yunnan Tobacco Industry High-quality Development Work Conference (hereinafter referred to as "the Conference") was held in Kunming. Chen Hao, Secretary of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, attended the Conference and delivered a speech. Chen Hao stressed that Yunnan should thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, take the new development concept as the guide, deepen the structural reform on the supply side, improve the standing position, strengthen the sense of responsibility, carry out reform and innovation, scale new heights bravely, and strive to find a new way for high-quality development.


The Conference was hosted by Ruan Chengfa, Governor of Yunnan Provincial People's Government. Yang Peisen, Deputy Director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, attended the Conference and delivered a speech, while Li Jiang, Chairman of the CPPCC Yunnan Provincial Committee, also attended the Conference. In the process of the Conference, Yunnan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) and China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. respectively made a work report.


Chen Hao pointed out in his speech that over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up, with the strong support and help of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Yunnan Tobacco has successfully developed a unique way of producing Chinese- style cigarettes, making a remarkable achievement in the history of Yunnan and leaving a significant contribution to Yunnan's reform and opening-up as well as economic and social development. By virtue of the current higher development platform, Yunnan Tobacco should deepen its understanding of the industry situation, enhance the sense of crisis and hardship, be good at standing at the forefront of the times and at the overall level, grasp the development context, clarify the direction of development, effectively solve the problems of standardization, efficiency and vitality through reform and innovation, and spare no effort to achieve strategic breakthroughs in solving obvious problems.


Chen Hao emphasized that Yunnan Tobacco should insist on development as the first priority, talents as the first resource, and innovation as the first motive force, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, vigorously promote reform and innovation, continuously enhance the motive force for development, and make every effort to be in the forefront of high-quality development. It is required to stabilize the core tobacco areas, promote the transformation and upgrading of tobacco leaf development, firmly implement the development strategy of "big brands, big markets and big enterprises", enhance the influence and competitiveness of Yunnan's cigarette brands, fully release the new technological strength of "Internet plus", comprehensively strengthen lean management, and stick to the strategy of "going global" to actively expand the international market, vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of non-tobacco industry, expand new economic growth points, and constantly create a new situation of seeking progress while maintaining stability in Yunnan's tobacco industry. Through several years of efforts, Yunnan Tobacco has significantly optimized the structure of cigarette products and improved the quality of tobacco leaves, maintained the "first results" of Yunnan cigarette in five aspects including the domestic market scale, international market scale, total tax and profit, the first-class cigarette scale and the high-quality tobacco leaf scale, and further enhanced the domestic and international influence, competitiveness, scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development capacity of Yunnan's tobacco industry.


Chen Hao asked the Party Group of Yunnan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) and the Party Group of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. to earnestly fulfill their political responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, to grasp the leading team, lead the cadre team and gather talents, and to push the tobacco industry to further tighten up the control of the Party organization, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of the tobacco industry.


Ruan Chengfa indicated that Yunnan Tobacco has become a beautiful business card and played an irreplaceable role in the economic and social development of Yunnan Province. In 2018, the tobacco industry of Yunnan showed a good situation of "three increases" in cigarette production, commercial sales volume and commercial sales volume of the four major brands, and "two decreases" in industrial and commercial inventory and stock-to-sales ratio. Ruan Chengfa proposed that it is required to accurately grasp the trend of the launching of new tobacco products as an important development strategy, the rapid development of new-type tobacco products and the new characteristics in tobacco consumption ecology and brand communication, and actively seize the discourse right of cigarette categories and the commanding heights of brands to enhance the influence, radiation and control power of the tobacco industry in Yunnan Province. Ruan also stressed that the tobacco industry of Yunnan should accelerate its high-quality development, greatly optimize brand structure, cultivate and build brands valuing RMB 100 billion in 2-3 years; vigorously strengthen product innovation, increase investment in research and development, strive to achieve new breakthroughs in such aspects as raw material formulation, tar reduction and new-type tobacco products; make great efforts to explore the domestic and foreign markets, speed up the pace of "going global" with the focus on the South Asian and Southeast Asian markets while consolidating and upgrading the domestic market; spare no effort to strengthen the construction of the core tobacco areas and the basic tobacco areas, delimit the scope and make plans as soon as possible, focus on improving the quality of tobacco leaves, support and promote the development of cigarettes by making tobacco leaves better and stronger; strengthen market supervision, intensify anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling efforts, continuously improve the scientific level of market supervision, and strive to purify the tobacco market environment. It is necessary for the tobacco industry of Yunnan Province to boldly explore and innovate, climb the peak bravely to hit another record, consolidate and enhance its dominant position in China, and make greater contributions to the high-quality leapfrog development of Yunnan Province.


Yang Peisen pointed out that Yunnan Tobacco has a pivotal strategic position in Yunnan's economic and social development and is also the backbone support of China's tobacco industry. At present, Yunnan Tobacco is being challenged by a series of difficulties. It is hoped that the cadres and workers, under the strong leadership of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Yunnan Provincial People's Government, will thoroughly implement the relevant deployment and requirements of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, make innovations and push forward vigorously, persist in promoting development by transforming ideas, conducting in-depth reforms, achieving scientific and technological innovation, optimizing the structure and strengthening Party construction, and accelerate the high-quality development of Yunnan's tobacco industry, so as to make greater contributions to promoting economic and social development in Yunnan and enhancing the overall competitive strength of China's tobacco industry. Yang Peisen indicated that the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau will strengthen overall coordination, optimize policies and measures, and fully support the high-quality development of Yunnan's tobacco industry.


Guests attending the Conference include Zong Guoying, Liu Huiyan, Li Wenrong, He Duanqi, Xu Bin and Yang Jie. Dong Hua made a summary of the Conference. Leaders of the CPC committees and governments of all autonomous regions (cities), agencies directly under the authority of Yunnan Province, relevant departments and units of the Central Government in Yunnan and all departments of tobacco system in Yunnan participated in the Conference.