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"'Hongtashan', the Classic of Traveling Through Time" Essay Competition with Awards is Successfully Concluded

Recently, the results of the "'Hongtashan', the Classic of Traveling Through Time" essay competition with awards sponsored by Hongta Group were announced. From January to November 2018, this essay competition has received more than 170 essays from more than ten provinces and cities across the country. Through the careful review by the jury organized by the Hongta Times, 15 outstanding essays such as Framework Design for the Future Development of the "Hongtashan" Brand stood out and won the first, second and third prizes in the competition, while another 30 essays won the consolation prizes.


In 1958, the "Hongtashan" brand was born as a gift for the 10th anniversary of the National Day. In the 60 years of the time, the brand has inherited and performed the classic legend that people are familiar with, and also carried the emotional memory of several generations. The essay competition has received attention and support from all walks of life. Nearly 200 writers from all over the country, including current and retired employees who are closely related to the development of the Group, the faithful "fans" of the "Hongtashan" brand and the cigarette retailers who have been diligently running the "Hongtashan" brand for many years, have actively contributed articles. With the sincere words, these articles shared the moving emotions and stories related to the "Hongtashan" brand through different perspectives and diversified narratives, elaborated the good strategies and methods of "Hongtashan" in brand culture construction, promotion and marketing, and put forward many valuable opinions, suggestions and analysis on the development of the "Hongtashan" brand.


This essay competition further highlighted the sense of emotional belonging of all sectors of society, consumers, retailers and employees on the "Hongtashan" brand, and manifested the influence of the brand. Facing the new era, new situation and new tasks, Hongta Group will, under the strong leadership of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and People's Government, thoroughly implement the spirits of the symposium of the major leaders of the direct departments in the tobacco industry and the decisions and arrangements of China Tobacco (Yunnan), firmly establish the thought of "One Game of Chess by China Tobacco (Yunnan)", strengthen the confidence and lift the spirits, be brave in taking on responsibilities and overcome difficulties, continuously enhance the competitiveness of Hongta brand, fight for the revival of the cigarette brands of Yunnan, and strive to promote the high-quality development of China Tobacco (Yunnan).