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Hongta Group Party Committee Convenes Fourth Enlarged Meeting of Theory Study Central Group in 2018

On the morning of December 12, the Party Committee of Hongta Group convened the fourth enlarged meeting of its Theory Study Central Group in 2018.

At the meeting

Officials attending the meeting include Wang Yong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. (CT Yunnan) and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hongta Group, Cao Hang, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection at Hongta Group, Hongta Group Vice Presidents Yang Yuwen, Ge Fuming and Zhu Xuecheng, and President of Hongta Group Labor Union Zhu Xiongwei. Wang Yong presided over the meeting.

Wang Yong briefed the meeting on the key points of relevant documents issued by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee; Cao Hang ran the meeting through the CPC Regulations on Disciplinary Action and Regulations on Work of Party Branches (Trial); Zhu Xuecheng explained the Measures for Statistics Law Enforcement, Supervision and Inspection and made arrangements for work related to network security in 2019; a representative from the Finance Department reported on the Group's financial performance in 2018, and Head of the Department of Production Quality delivered the 2018 quality analysis report.

Wang Yong presides over and addresses the meeting

Wang Young gave a speech titled "Responsibilities, Capabilities and A Beginner's Mind – Pursuing Quality Development in the New Era." Quality development is in line with the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and what we are supposed to pursue in the new era, said Wang. Promoting the quality development of the Group is an inevitable result of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC's National Congress. Seeking quality development and building a modern tobacco economy are the most important tasks for us at the moment and for the near future, as well as the key to solving the difficulties before us. Quality development is the path to take if we want to make premium and quality cigarette products and build bigger and stronger brands. Going forward, innovation will be the magic that enables us to tackle challenges and overcome difficulties. Only if we stay innovative can we keep up with industry trends and hopefully lead the industry. It should be noted that innovation is needed not only for the development of products, but also in internal management, production and operation. Wang Yong explained what it means to seek quality development from the perspective of the tobacco industry, CT Yunnan and Hongta Group, saying that for the Group, promoting quality development means making quality development the ultimate goal of all activities, putting in place a production and quality control system geared towards quality development, and providing the necessary political conditions, human resources, performance assessment mechanism, raw materials, supplies, logistics services and marketing support for achieving quality development. He asked everyone to see the readiness to take on responsibilities and the capability to achieve things as the essential qualities of a doer and urged officials and employees to take the initiative to tackle new challenges and overcome new difficulties together with the Group, shoulder their responsibilities and take solid steps to get things done. For the Group, what matters is the brands' ability to achieve growth; for departments at different levels, what's important are their capabilities to develop and research with a focus on quality, manufacture based on market demand, control quality with a view to improving customer satisfaction, ensure the supply of raw materials, market with the interests of manufacturing companies, trading companies as well as retailers in mind, and manage and operate in a standardized and efficient manner; for individual employees, it's the ability to manage, execute and create to meet the Group's expectations. All Party members and employees should work to improve their capabilities thoroughly with a focus on what their posts require of them, so that together they can boost the overall influence of the Group and its departments. We are in a new era and faced with fresh challenges, said Wang, which makes it even more important for us to remain determined, hold high the banner of quality development and start afresh. We must shoulder our responsibilities bravely, take action wisely, and march ahead with a beginner's mind. "Let's show to the world our determination, build our confidence, win back our market, and continue the Group's success story into the new era," said Wang.

The meeting was also attended by the heads and party chiefs of the Group's four factories in Yunnan Province, Secretary of the Group's Board, as well as officials above deputy-ministerial level from the Group's logistics center and different departments and offices.