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Hongta Group Hosts 2018 Retirement Party for Employees

Hongta Group recently hosted the 2018 Retirement Party for its senior employees.

Along with officials from the Group's departments and centers as well as the Yuxi Cigarette Factory, a total of 177 employees who had reached full retirement age attended the party, where they talked about the old days and envisioned the future.

At the retirement party

On behalf of the Group's Party organizations, administrative agencies and labor union, Ji Lisheng, Head of Hongta Group's Human Resource Department, paid tribute to the retiring employees and thanked them and their families for the support and help they had given to the Group over the years. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, Hongta Group has managed to lay a solid foundation for development, said Li, but it's also faced with tough challenges and a grim situation. The Group will continue to focus on building the strength of its brands, maintain the conditions for steady development and improve the quality and efficiency of development. Li said that he hoped the retiring employees could continue to support the Group's development. The Group would also have the retirees' interests at heart as it always has and make sure that they are well cared for and can continue to be of help after retirement if they want to. He wished the employees good health and a wonderful life after retirement.

Zheng Qiandong, Vice Director of the Yuxi Cigarette Factory, also paid tribute to the retiring employees and expressed appreciation for the contributions they made to the growth of Yuxi cigarettes. He then briefed the employees on the Group's progress in production and operation in 2018. Over a course of several decades, the employees had grown along with the Yuxi Cigarette Factory and dedicated their time, passion, energy and expertise to the Group, said Zheng. They always saw the big picture and were never held back by difficulties or hardship. Their assiduousness will always be a motivator for other employees. Zheng said that the Group is in a critical stage at the moment and asked the senior employees to continue to cheer for the Group's development while laying down their burdens to adapt to and enjoy their life after retirement.

A representative of the retiring employees thanked the officials from the Group and the Yuxi Cigarette Factory for their kind words. He said that they are glad that the Group has reached where it is today and hope that it can continue to grow and thrive. In a relaxed and cheerful environment, the senior employees said words of encouragement to each other and wished each other good health and a happy life after retirement.

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