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Hongta Group Hosts Meeting on Integration of Research, Production and Marketing

On December 11, Hongta Group convened a meeting on the integration of research, production and marketing, in which the evaluation results of different marketing activities were announced and awards given, the status quo analyzed, general guidelines stressed, awareness raised, goals confirmed, and tasks for the following stage laid out.

Officials attending the meeting include Wang Yong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. (CT Yunnan) and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hongta Group, Hongta Group Vice Presidents Yang Yuwen, Ge Fuming and Zhu Xuecheng, and President of Hongta Group Labor Union Zhu Xiongwei. Yang Yuwen presided over the meeting.

At the meeting

At the meeting, Wang Yong fully acknowledged the achievements that have been made since the launch of the marketing project. Since the rollout of Yuxi (Chuxin) in February 2017, Hongta Group has made itself part of CT Yunnan's project to integrate marketing with research and production and played an active role in everything from R&D and promotional planning to marketing and production support, said Wang. In particular, the 600-plus marketing personnel the Group sent to different regions, who had to put on hold their family responsibilities for the Group and stuck to their posts under all circumstances, are the perfect embodiment of the diligence of the new generation of Hongta people. They have helped improve both the sales and prices of Yuxi, promoted the steady growth of the Hongtashan brand, and contributed to the overall development of Yunnan cigarette brands.

Wang raised three requirements for the Group concerning work for the following stage.

First, we must unite under a single ideological flag, raise our marketing awareness, clearly define our goals, and work to transform and upgrade the Group's marketing activities. We must stick to the guiding principles proposed by Secretary Chen Hao and Director Zhan Jianming at the October conference convened by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, follow the guidance of the Party Committee of CT Yunnan, take CT Yunnan and its subsidiaries as an organic whole, promote the Five Qualities advocated by CT Yunnan and support the structural and institutional reform of the marketing center. We need to boost our work efficiency, improve our work quality and change our work style. It's also essential that we unite under a single ideological flag, act in concert, and bring together different forces to promote Yunnan cigarette brands and support, transform and upgrade the Group's marketing activities with the goal of promoting the quality development of the Group's brands as well as the reinvigoration of Yunnan cigarette brands.

Wang Yong fully acknowledges the achievements that have been made since the launch of the marketing project

Second, we must strengthen Party construction and cultivate talents who can contribute to the Group's future development. Upholding Party leadership and strengthening Party construction are the roots and souls of state-owned enterprises as well as the political premises and guarantee for quality development. Party organizations must supervise their own conduct and strictly discipline themselves. Senior officials at all levels must set examples for others to follow, urge everyone to take the rise and fall of Hongta Group as their own responsibilities, take the initiative to act, innovate and shoulder responsibilities, focus on what they "should" do, make it clear that an employee's ability will be assessed by what he or she has achieved and that doers and pioneers are always valued, and stand up for officials and employees always ready to take on responsibilities. To cultivate talents who can contribute to the Group's future development, senior officials should see to it that continuous efforts are made to improve the Group's official evaluation system, human resource management mechanism as well as award mechanism, appoint more young officials so that they can improve themselves through practice, urge officials and employees to take on responsibilities and take solid steps to achieve things, and make sure that officials and employees who are willing to take on responsibilities and capable of achieving things can put their talent to use.

Third, we must dedicate ourselves to production, cost control, and quality assurance, ensure the supply of raw materials, enhance production safety, improve internal management, prepare for sales during the New Year and Spring Festival holidays, and arrange for the return of the marketing personnel. Hongta Group should be responsible for everything from product quality and cost control to responding to market demand. It should see to it that all activities are market-oriented and centered around the brands, improve product design, production planning, capacity and techniques, raw material quality, logistics operations, workforce structure, etc., and make the production process more flexible and intelligent and product quality more consistent, so as to improve the Group's ability to quickly respond to and meet market demand.

In a wrap-up speech, Yang Yuwen also raised three requirements concerning the Group's tasks for the following stage and how the points made at the conference should be exercised in reality. First, we should view and understand the transformation and upgrade of the Group's marketing activities in a proper way. We must change the way we go about our work, improve our ability to deliver quality services, pay attention to details, focus on our goals and be persistent in what we do to ensure good brand promotion results and lend support to the Group's marketing activities. Second, we need to make sure that marketing and its integration with research and production proceed smoothly in the following stage, for which we must continue to center our work on the brands, pay attention to market demand, support the Group's marketing activities, put specific officials in charge of specific tasks, and use strict evaluation standards. Third, we must see to it that specific tasks are carried out as planned. These include arranging for the return of marketing personnel, financial management, building of the marketing team, and summary of marketing activities. The key points made at the conference should be accurately communicated to employees in a timely manner so that they can be thoroughly understood and put into practice.

Yang Yuwen delivers a wrap-up speech

The Department of Economic Operations briefed on the background of the marketing project and the achievements made and arranged the work for the following stage. The evaluation results and awards for the marketing work carried out in 2018 were announced. The Labor Union also awarded individuals and organizations that had made substantial contributions to the Group's marketing and branding projects.

The leadership of Hongta Group, Party chiefs of the Group's four factories in the province, as well as the directors of different departments, offices and centers exchanged views on how work for the following stage should be carried out and the future development of Yunnan cigarette brands, taking into consideration the responsibilities and actual conditions of their own agencies. They all pledged to communicate the key points made at the conference to each of their employees so that they can unite under a single ideological flag, understand the Group's goals, strengthen their determination, raise their awareness to ensure that good results are achieved for production, quality assurance, production safety, internal management, brand promotion, marketing support, team building, etc. and realize the vision of reinvigorating Yunnan cigarette brands.

Party chiefs of the Group's four factories in Yunnan province and officials of the Group's departments, offices and centers above deputy-ministerial level attended the conference.