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Hongta Group Holds Brand Promotion Contest

On December 12, "Hongta Culture Forum – Promote Our Brand", a brand presentation contest organized by Hongta Group's Party Committee, was held on the third floor of Hong Ta Hotel.
 During the contest

Officials attending the event include Wang Yong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. (CT Yunnan) and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hongta Group, Cao Hang, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection at Hongta Group, Zhu Xiongwei, President and Party Secretary of Hongta Group Labor Union, as well as Hongta Group Vice Presidents Yang Yuwen, Ge Fuming and Zhu Xuecheng.

The contest consisted of two parts: brand pitch and impromptu presentation. The brand pitch section was a simulation of product launches, in which each contestant was asked to promote a product in ten minutes. In the impromptu presentation section, the contestants were required to find the link between a randomly picked everyday item and a cigarette product of Hongta Group and give a three-minute presentation. A total of 10 teams from the party committees of Hongta Group and the Group's four factories in Yuxi, Chuxiong, Dali and Zhaotong participated in the contest. Showing their best, the contestants told stories about the Group's brands and promoted the Group's different cigarette products in innovative ways. For the audience, the legendary tales of Hongtashan and the stories about Yuxi and its relationship with the nature proved a feast for both the eyes and ears.

Wang Yong, on behalf of the Group's leadership, congratulated the organizer on a successful completion of the contest. Passionately and skillfully, the contestants made compelling pitches for the Group's products, which vividly reproduced the work scenes of the Group's presenters, said Wang. Their amazing performances are reasons for us to be hopeful and optimistic about the Group's future and have confidence and courage as we march ahead in the midst of hardship, he added. The contest is a useful attempt at putting into practice the general guidelines proposed by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (seven "insists", five "leads", six systems and five strategic researches). It's also helpful in promoting the quality development of Yunnan-made cigarettes. It is hoped that the contest can help build a culture where all employees have the brands' best interests at heart and take upon themselves to promote the brands.
Wang Yong, on behalf of the Group's leadership, congratulated the organizer on a successful completion of the contest
Wang gave three suggestions on the Group's future development. First, he urged all to work hard to promote the Group's quality development. Staff should have a thorough understanding of what the quality development of the tobacco industry and CT Yunnan means and entails, and work out the approaches and path to quality development with an open mind, a broad horizon of thinking and a forward-looking perspective, so that reforms can be achieved in the quality and efficiency of as well as the driving forces for the Group's development. Second, Wang called for innovation to breathe new life into the Group's brands. The Group's two major brands saw stable performance and showed positive signs of growth between January and November 2018, but reinvigorating the brands is not something that can be done overnight. Instead of confining ourselves with outdated thinking, we must seek innovation where we can as we forge ahead and support the operation of CT Yunnan's two Centers. We need to conduct more market researches to learn about customers' needs and use more innovative materials, technology and techniques. At the same time, we must put more efforts into the planning of promotional and marketing campaigns, tell stories that promote brand culture, and create quality marketing materials that strike a chord with consumers to enhance the image of our brands and accelerate their reinvigoration. Third, Wang called upon everyone to act so that together they can create a huge force that push the brands forward. The pitches and presentations delivered by the contestants were passionate and inspiring and offered a realistic glimpse into the work of the Group's many presenters. Pitches and presentations are an integral part of the Group's branding project. It is hoped that the passion and impact felt today are not a flash in the pan but something that can be brought to other places. Everyone can take this passion into their work, taking upon themselves to promote Hongta's brands and trying to make an impact on the people around them by telling what they truly feel about the brands, so that together they can create a huge force that push the brands forward and contribute to the reinvigoration of Yunnan-made cigarettes.
 Presenters at the contest 1

 Presenters at the contest 2

Presenters at the contest 3

 Presenters at the contest 4

Interaction with audience

A fair and impartial jury of nine rated the contestants' performances in the two sections. Wang Fucheng and Zhou Yin, from the Zhaotong Cigarette Factory, won the first prize. Three teams were awarded the second prize and six the third prize. An Outstanding Organization Award was given as well. Officials then presented the awards to the winners.

Group Chairman Wang Yong (Middle) poses for pictures with winners

The event was covered by Yuxi Daily, Yuxi Television Channel and the news portal Yuxi News, and was live streamed on the live streaming platform Hongta Shijie. Also present at the event were heads of Hongta Group's cigarette factories in Yuxi, Chuxiong, Dali and Zhaotong, Director, Party Secretary and department heads of China Tobacco Yunnan Marketing Center, as well as the directors of the factories' Party work departments, labor unions and grassroots Party branches.

Officials pose for pictures with winners