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Hongta Group Unveils Its Products at the H.T Agriculture & Food Business Leaders Conference

After meeting the first snow, Zhengzhou ushered in a clear sky on December 6, with sunlight flooding the whole city. And the H.T Agriculture & Food Business Leaders Conference kicked off in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on this festive day. Hongta Group is a core backbone enterprise with independent legal entities of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. As a well-known tobacco enterprise in China, the group was invited to attend this conference, to pay tribute to the era together with six leaders in such industries as spirits, food, beverages, agriculture and tea, and to show the best brands.
Scene of the conference
At 9:30 a.m., the conference opened on time, with the attendance of nearly 1,000 enterprises engaged in the industries of sugar, tobacco and spirits. The afternoon also witnessed the opening of the Plenary Session of the conference, during which Li Yizhong, Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and Liu Wei, Vice Governor of Henan delivered speeches. In addition, the masters in these industries also gathered to analyze the macroeconomic trends and future consumer trends. Before the exhibition, Du Jianming, General Manager of Huatang Yunshang Marketing Communication Co., Ltd., visited the exhibition area of Hongta Group for exchanges.
The conference kicks off

A dozen new products of Hongta Group made their debut at this conference, including “Hongtashan (New Era)”, “Yuxi (Emerald)” and “Yuxi (Chuxin)”. It offers an opportunity for Hongta to keep up with the times, display the brands and transmit culture, so as to achieve high-quality development. This conference has also reflected the full implementation of “the overall plan of seven-aspect insistence, five guides, six systems and five strategic studies” proposed by State Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

As soon as Hongta’s staff set up the exhibits, enthusiastic citizens and various dealers began to visit the exhibition hall. The staff welcomed every visitor with a smile and enthusiasm, and answered their question about Hongta Group and its products. The samples in the showcase also arouse the great interest of these visitors, who then took photos in succession. Especially, there are two LCD TVs and LCD displays in the exhibition area, playing the promotional video of relevant products, to publicize the enterprise image and brand culture from multi-dimensional perspectives.
A succession of enthusiastic citizens and various dealers visit the exhibition hall

Group photo of Hongta’s sales personnel with ritual staff

Mr. Wang, a native of Zhengzhou, told the reporter, “I like the fragrance of Hongtashan, and I used to smoke it when I was young. It is the symbol of status. For years, I still enjoy smoking Hongtashan due to its high quality.” Mr. Li, a businessman of high-end wine in Zhengzhou, also spoke highly of “Yuxi (Emerald)”. “This cigarette looks superior, corresponding very closely to the taste of my target customers. Therefore, it is suitable for sale as a custom gift. I’ve gained a lot from the visit in Hongta’s exhibition area, and I hope to have an opportunity to build a long-term partnership with Hongta Group for a bright future.”

The principal of Hongta Group was interviewed by the host news media. He said, “‘Yuxi’ and ‘Hongtashan’ have seen the memory of generations of Chinese people. In the future, Hongta Group will take its unique advantages in raw materials of ‘Yuxi’, and make continuous innovation, to develop ‘Yuxi’ into a high-end leading brand in the tobacco industry. ‘Hongtashan’, with a glorious history, will focus on the improvement of technology, raw materials, equipment and talent reserve, striving to become a mainstream cigarette brand. The participation in this conference is an excellent chance for publicity. No matter how fragrant the liquor is, it is still hard to be known without channels. So we will pay more attention to the promotion, and popularize our brands, to win the favor of more people.”

The principal of Hongta Group introduces the brands to the visitors

With the help of the three-day conference, Hongta Group, in addition to showing its brands and culture, has also had a close interaction with consumers and entrepreneurs in China. Based on cooperation and exchange, Hongta’s products will finally succeed in the market.

A sales staff introduces new products of Hongta Group