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Yuxi Cigarette Factory’s Lean Manufacturing Wins Other More National Honors

At the 40th Anniversary of National QCC Activities and CAQ Annual Conference 2018 held on November 28, Yuxi Cigarette Factory’s three Black Belt projects won the “Excellent Six Sigma Projects of CAQ’s China Quality Technology Award 2018”. In addition, its three “Lean Management” projects were awarded “Excellent Projects of Lean Management of CAQ’s China Quality Technology Award 2018”, providing momentum for the factory to deepen its lean management.

It is the aim of this conference that enterprises can conduct extensive exchanges in advanced quality management theories and share their best management practices, so as to explore the road of quality development with Chinese characteristics. There were a total of more than 1,600 attendees, including representatives of quality management groups from industries in China, and overseas quality management agencies from such regions as Japan, Singapore and Europe. The Black Belt and Lean Management projects selected from Yuxi Cigarette Factory gained favorable reviews from the experts, with six projects awarded. “Reduce Breakdown Rate of PROTOS-2C Cigarette Manufacturing Machine”, “Reduce the Deviation Mean of Resistance to Suction of Yuxi Qingxiangshijia Slim” and “Reduce the Deviation of Total Ventilation Rate of ZJ17 Cigarette Manufacturing Machine ” won the “Excellent Six Sigma Projects”. And “Grasp Opportunities and Challenges to Build a Lean Production Line of Cigarettes”, “Establish a Flexible Manual Packaging Production Line” and “Improve Lean Quality Control of the 5-Ton Silk Primary Processing Line” were awarded “Excellent Projects of Lean Management”.

Since launching the projects of “Lean Management” and “Six Sigma”, the factory has built a lean team composed of internal trainers with deep foundation for improvement and excellent professional skills over these years, and trained numerous “Six Sigma” talents with clear and rigorous thinking and a strong ability of improvement. In this way, it has therefore made a batch of excellent quality and remarkable lean results as well as “Six Sigma” projects, and facilitated the great progress in lean management. The factory will focus on cost decreasing and benefit increasing in the next step, and combine the R&D and the research-producing-selling joint-action mechanism to tackle key problems. Furthermore, it will concentrate its efforts on the improvement of scientificity and effectiveness as well as the R&D of new products, so as to further advance its upgrading of lean management and improvement of flexible production, and boost the high-quality development of the enterprise.