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Hongta Group Wins the Title of the “11th National Excellent Enterprise in Equipment Management”

On November 9, 2018, the 11th National Pioneers Commendation Conference in Equipment Management was convened at the Great Hall of the People. The excellent enterprises and outstanding workers in equipment management in various industries were commended at the conference. Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongta Group”) won the title of the “11th National Excellent Enterprise in Equipment Management”. In addition, Yang Mingquan, Director of its Equipment Technology Department won the title of the “National Excellent Worker in Equipment Management”.

China Association of Plant Engineering launched and organized the selection of the National Excellent Enterprises in Equipment Management, aiming to show the remarkable achievements in equipment management of China’s excellent enterprises, display the high-level equipment development, and promote the advanced concept of industrial services in China. The association carries out the experience exchange of advanced equipment management and commends the enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to equipment management, so as to further mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers in equipment management in various industries, and to boost the development of equipment modernization in China.

In recent years, under the guidance of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd., Hongta Group has established the management system of equipment value for realizing “the highest production efficiency, the optimum product quality, and the maximum economic benefits”. This system, centering on the lean equipment management, takes value management philosophy as its core. On the basis of preventive and predictive maintenance model, a new type of maintenance system of cross-departmental goal-oriented cooperation has been established. It is designed to make work well done in lean value management as well as in lowering the cost and increasing the benefits. Additionally, as the policy and market changes, Hongta Group continuously improves its support capacity and adaptability of the equipment through technological transformation and management innovation, so as to ensure that the equipment production conditions and capacity guarantee required in the brand development of the group are in place in time.

This title is a recognition of Hongta Group’s equipment management. Taking the opportunity of this honor, the group will remain true to its original aspiration and focus on gathering strength, to further clarify the thinking of equipment management, constantly strengthen equipment management innovation, and facilitate the continuous improvement of enterprise equipment management.