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Hongta Group and China Mobile Yunnan Sign Strategic Framework Agreement for Informatization Construction

On November 2, Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Yunnan signed the Strategic Framework Agreement for Informatization in Kunming. The signing ceremony was attended by Wang Yong, member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial, and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hongta Group; Yang Yuwen, Vice President of Hongta Group; Ma Kui, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of China Mobile Yunnan; and Huang Zhenwang and Wu Zhifeng, members of the Party Committee, directors and deputy general managers of China Mobile Yunnan, as well as other relevant representatives of the two companies.

Expressing his good vision for the cooperation, China Mobile Yunnan's General Manager Ma Kui said, "Since its establishment, Hongta Group has been devoted to its mission of 'producing world-class tobacco' and corporate values "always beyond expectation" and has refined Hongtashan and Yuxi as award-winning and household brands. On the occasion of the 60th and 45th anniversary of Hongtashan and Yuxi, the signing of this Agreement has far-reaching significance. Hongta Group and China Mobile are highly compatible in terms of brand, social responsibility, business philosophy and development vision. In this strategic partnership, China Mobile Yunnan will actively employ its technical, network, service and other advantages in communications, and will do its utmost to merge and cooperate with Hongta Group's various products and technical advantages in the tobacco industry to promote the construction of 'Internet Plus Tobacco' and realize complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. ”

Ma Kui, General Manager of China Mobile Yunnan

Hongta Group's party secretary and chairman Wang Yong said, "The cooperation fully embodies the 'Three Conformities'. First, the time is just appropriate. The cooperation happens in the context of the national initiatives 'Internet Plus' and 'Two-oriented Integration', as a positive practice of the documents released by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, like Made in China 2025, and a vivid implementation of the 'Internet Plus' action in the tobacco industry. Second, it accords with the strategic vision. Since its establishment, Hongta Group has been committed to the vision of 'industry for the country and the people'. Over the past 60 years, Hongta's staff stay true to their mission of serving the people. Following the industry's shared values of prioritizing the country's and the people's interest and the company's belief that no mountain is higher than human being, Hongta's staff strive to build world-leading brands. That coincides with China Mobile's values of 'improving people's life' and vision for excellent quality. With such similarities in corporate visions and values, these two outstanding companies make a perfect pair.  Third, cooperation meets the needs for development. At present, Hongta Group is in a crucial period of the supply-side reforms and the transformation and upgrading of high-quality development. In order to further promote the sustainable and healthy development of Yuxi and Hongtashan brands and realize the overall revival, Hongta urgently needs to create new growth and make new breakthroughs. Participating in the "Internet Plus" of the tobacco industry and seizing new opportunities of consumption upgrading is the best solution. ”

Wang Yong, Chairman of Hongta Group

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, chairman Wang Yong of Hongta Group and general manager Ma Kui of China Mobile Yunnan co-signed the Strategic Framework Agreement for Informatization.

Hongta Group's chairman Wang Yong (front right) and China Mobile Yunnan's general manager Ma Kui (front left) signing the Strategic Framework Agreement for Informatization

According to the Agreement, the two sides will fully integrate resources, give full play to their respective advantages in the service industry, comprehensively deepen strategic cooperation in such fields as brand promotion, computer network communication business and "Internet Plus Tobacco", and establish a close partnership to jointly promote business development and product extension.

Audience listening to the introduction by a representative of the network management center

The opportunity is seized to roll out the sail of cooperation. The signing of the Agreement is a new starting point, gestating new hopes and implying new leaps.