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Hongta Group Convenes “Stay True to the Mission, Warming Double Ninth Festival”—the Symposium of Senior Leaders on the Day for Respecting the Aged

On October 17, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, Hongta Group convened “Stay True to the Mission, Warming Double Ninth Festival”—the Symposium of Senior Leaders on the Day for Respecting the Aged.

The attendees include leaders such as Hongta Group’s Yang Yuwen (Vice President) and Cao Hang (Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection), Yuxi Cigarette Factory’s Ma Yuncan (Director) and Hu Pei (Secretary of Party Committee), as well as the Group’s retired leaders like Li Zhenguo, Zhang Penghui, She Zicheng, Gao Zhijun, Gao Canhua, Pu Xueming, and Jiang Shunhua. All of them gathered together to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival.

Scene of the symposium

On behalf of the Group, Yang Yuwen extended greetings to senior leaders during the Double Ninth Festival, and delivered the spirit of the speech made by Director General Zhang Jianmin of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration at the Symposium on Principals of Subordinate Units in Tobacco Industry 2018. He also introduced the policies and guidelines in the industry and the economic operation of China Tobacco Yunnan. Centered on five aspects—the commercial sales of “Yuxi” and “Hongtashan”, the sales revenue of single-box wholesale, the development of new products, the commercial & industrial inventory, and economic growth, he emphasized on the Group’s production and operation in the first three quarters of this year, and meanwhile he provided information about the working ideas. Yang Yuwen assured retired leaders that the leading group will focus on the requirements for high-quality development in the new era, and strive for brand revival, corporate renewal, as well as transformation and upgrading, so as to revitalize Hongta Group. He hopes that those leaders can take care of themselves, and continue to care and support work of the Group, to make suggestions for its development with their valuable accumulated experience.

Ma Yuncan introduced Yuxi Cigarette Factory’s On-Site Technical Transformation and the introduction of new equipment. Through the technical transformation, there will be a production and organization system with reasonable layout, definite division of labor and efficient response. Yuxi Cigarette Factory will continue to establish solid quality awareness, guarantee both quality and quantity to complete the production tasks assigned by China Tobacco Yunnan and the Group.

At the symposium, led by old leaders, attendees reviewed the Group’s history of factory building, brand creation, foreign equipment introduction and the construction of “the first workshop”. Retired leaders expressed their opinions freely and put forward much valuable advice on the improvement of raw material quality, careful analysis on market demands and changes, optimization of production and management, and high-end brand breakthrough.