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Retirees of China Tobacco Yunnan Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up with Brilliant Performances

On the afternoon of September 21, retirees of China Tobacco Yunnan celebrated the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up at Nie’er Concert Hall—Hongta Cultural and Sports Center.

Other attendees included Chen Weidong, Secretary of Leading Party Group and Chairman of China Tobacco Yunnan; Zheng Xiongzhi, Member of Leading Party Group and Head of Discipline Inspection Group; principals of Human Resources Department, Department of Party Building, Alliance Work Department, and Logistics Service Center of China Tobacco Yunnan; retiree representatives, leaders with specific duties, as well as principals of retirement administration departments of Hongta Group and Hongyun Honghe Group (their cigarette factories included), and units directly subordinate to China Tobacco Yunnan; part of staff representatives of Yuxi Cigarette Factory.

Chen Weidong, Secretary of Leading Party Group and Chairman of China Tobacco Yunnan, delivered a speech. On behalf of China Tobacco Yunnan, he extended his warm congratulations on this event, and expressed his high respect and cordial greetings to all retired comrades. Chen Weidong gave a brief introduction to the enterprise’s production and management from January to August this year. He said, “Since the development of China Tobacco Yunnan is the embodiment of the retired comrades’ wisdom and sweat. We will never forget their contributions.” He hopes that in spite of retirement, these old comrades can still take the responsibility to make continuous contributions to the enterprise’s development. He also expected the new generation in the tobacco industry to maintain strategic focus, firm development belief, and dare to take their responsibility; adhere to reform and opening-up, enhance energy, and achieve high-quality development, so as to open up a new situation and a new era in the reform and opening-up of China Tobacco Yunnan.

Chen Weidong, Secretary of Leading Party Group and Chairman of China Tobacco Yunnan

Yang Yuwen, Vice President of Hongta Group, on behalf of the Group, expressed his warm welcome and sincere greetings to the retired comrades and leaders for their attendance.

Yang Yuwen, Vice President of Hongta Group

The performance kicked off in Splendid China—the exciting and enthusiastic dance whose cheerful melody lifted everyone present. Retired actors’ wonderful performances and earnest preparation, as well as their meticulous attitude, gained the cheers and applauses from the whole audience. Dances—Fallen Leaves Turns into Mud, Love My Motherland China and Colorful Clouds on the Brocade, and Quyi—Our New Era and A Happy Tea House, such 15 brilliant programs had profound meanings, reflecting the happy life of the retired comrades from different perspectives. Singing and dancing, performers, with beautiful songs and passionate dances, showed their spiritual outlook of worthiness and happiness in their old age, as well as their positive attitude. This is also the indication that China Tobacco Yunnan will join hands to achieve flourishing development. The old generation of workers in the tobacco industry, in the beautiful art form, told the story of harmony, expressing their love of the industry and their joy for the great achievements made in the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up.

Performance I

Performance II

Performance III

Hongyun Honghe Group and Hongta Group won the Excellence Award of this event. Hehe Group, as well as Technology Center, Material Group and Training Center of China Tobacco Yunnan, obtained the Encouragement Award, and the Organization Award went to Hongta Group. Chen Wendong and Zheng Xiongzhi—leaders of China Tobacco Yunnan, along with the principals of functional departments, presented the awards to winners.

Amid the song—Stay True to Yourself, those vigorous performers joined hands and took photos with leaders. The audience applauded warmly, wishing the old comrades health, longevity and happiness.

Group photo of leaders present with performers