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Yuxi Cigarette Factory Makes Achievements Again at the 2018 National Congress of TnPM (Fig.)

During the “2018 China Plant Engineering Conference & the 16th National Congress of TnPM” held in Tianjin between September 12 and 14, Yuxi Cigarette Factory reached new heights, winning 20 awards (five nominations included).

This congress was sponsored by China Association of Plant Engineering and International Maintenance Association, and undertaken by companies including Shareford International Consulting Group Company Limited. With the theme of “Be in Line with the Time, Take the Lead in Manufacturing”, this congress invited relevant leaders of national ministries and commissions as well as local departments, aiming to call on the plant personnel of Chinese enterprises to learn and discuss internationally advanced theories and methods of plant engineering, and deepen the manufacturing-Internet integration, thus to provide enterprises with an information exchange platform for plant engineering and intelligent maintenance, and boost the high-quality development in the equipment manufacturing. Participating enterprises are large- and medium-sized manufacturers in the industries such as ferrous metallurgy, petrochemical engineering, pharmaceutical and tobacco industry, electronics, food and beverage, rail traffic, industrial services, automobile manufacturing, and electric machinery.

Prize presentation

Yuxi Cigarette Factory won 20 awards (five nominations included) at this congress. Deputy Director Wang Jinliang was awarded the “Distinguished Leadership Award of China TnPM Plant Engineering”, and Director Yang Ming of Power Room obtained the “Outstanding Promoter Award of China TnPM Plant Engineering”. Other awards include the First Prize (six), the Second Prize (three), and the Third Prize (three); six improvement cases of Power Room and Re-drying Room were nominated and issued through on-site voting.

To show Yuxi Cigarette Factory’s lean plant engineering to industrial enterprises present, better learn advanced experience in plant engineering from enterprises, and facilitate the related management, the factory sent a 10-person panel led by Chief of Equipment Technology Department to attend the congress during which they released the factory’s award-winning achievements, fully displaying the factory’s plant engineering. Participants of Yuxi Cigarette Factory conducted extensive exchange with other representatives present during the congress, to discuss and learn technological theories and practical cases, such as the application of intelligent maintenance and informatization, the practice of standardization of plant engineering system, the innovation and development of TnPM system, and the application of industrial integration services and maintenance technology, which will play a positive role in promoting the factory’s future plant engineering.