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“Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)” Is Held Grandly

On the morning of September 16, the “2018 Fitness Walking Event of Colorful Yunnan Nationwide Fitness Games & Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)” was held at Nie’er Culture Square, Yuxi. A total of about 2,600 hikers completed the six-kilometer hiking trip together.

Scene I of “Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)”

Scene II of “Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)”

This event was sponsored by Bureau of Sports of Yuxi, organized by Yuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and Hongta Group, and undertaken by Yuxi Municipal Sports Federation and Labor Union of Yuxi Cigarette Factory. It is an important year that witnesses the 45th anniversary of “Yuxi” and the 60th anniversary of “Hongtashan”. This event, therefore, is not only to celebrate brand creation, but has played a positive role in expanding brand influence and promoting the development of “a Harmonious, Healthy and Beautiful Yuxi”.

Scene III of “Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)”

At 8:00, hikers in the bright red T-shirt reached Nie’er Culture Square in succession. They warmed up under the guidance of professional coaches. Ma Yuncan, Head of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, delivered a speech for this event. He suggested that everyone love life with happy fitness, and join hands to build a civilized city and share beautiful life; walk, move and burn fat from the six-kilometer hiking.

Scene IV of “Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)”

After Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of Labor Union of Hongta Group, fired a gun to announce the official launch of the event at 9:00, a “red” stream of participants surged on site. The participants included a total of about 2,600 hikers from the headquarters of Hongta Group, Yuxi Cigarette Factory, Bureau of Sports of Yuxi, Yuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Yuxi Branch of Yunnan Tobacco Company, and Hehe Group and Technology Center of China Tobacco Yunnan. Starting from Nie’er Culture Square, the hikers passed through Yuhu Road, Qiyang Road, Yuhe Road and Hebin Road, walked around the Yuxi River, and returned to the square finally. To enhance hikers’ sense of participation and brand interaction, two experience areas of Hongtashan have been set up, including “Explore the Source of Classics” to introduce Yuxi Tobacco’s excellent quality and “Be Your Own Hero” with 3D photographing scene to encourage the public to pursue their own dream and be their own hero. Participants, who took photos in the experience area and posted them on the Moments for “likes”, can carve characters on their medal. In this way, the interaction and experience feeling were greatly increased. At the finish line is the Product Appreciation Area where participants can smoke the new product of Hongta on the spot, improving the publicity effect.

Scene V of “Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)”

The opening ceremony, as well as the hiking, was attended by leaders such as Cao Hang, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hongta Group, Zhang Yanhua, Secretary of Leading Party Group and Vice Executive Chairman of Yuxi Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Zhu Xuecheng, Vice President of Hongta Group, Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of Labor Union of Hongta Group, Chen Wei, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of Labor Union of Yuxi Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company), Ma Yuncan, Head of Yuxi Cigarette Factory, Tan Bin, Chairman of Yuxi Municipal Sports Federation, and Zeng Yi, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Marketing Center of China Tobacco Yunnan.

Scene VI of “Hongta Happy Fitness Walking (Yuxi)”