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HLT Convenes the Commendation Conference for the First Professional Skills Competition of Tobacco Equipment Operation of China Tobacco Industrial Development Center

On September 14, Hongta Liaoning Tobacco Co., Ltd. (HLT for short) convened the Commendation Conference for the “First Professional Skills Competition of Tobacco Equipment Operation of China Tobacco Industrial Development Center”, with the attendance of company leaders to present the prizes to winners. This conference was attended by the leading groups of Shenyang Cigarette Factory and Yingkou Cigarette Factory, as well as principals and staff representative of centers/departments/offices.

Scene of the conference

Dong Liyan, Chairman of Labor Union of HLT, hosted this conference during which Deputy General Manager read out the company’s Decision on Commending the Technical Experts in Tobacco Equipment Operation Competition.

General Manager Ci Dong made a summary speech, in which he conveyed warm congratulations to competitors with outstanding performance, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to coaches and staff of two factories as well as relevant departments for their vigorous support.

Ci Dong pointed out that the performance was not only aimed at checking the construction of technical talents, but also providing an opportunity for highly skilled talents to present themselves and conduct exchange with each other. The most essential goal is to create a good atmosphere for the growth of highly skilled talents and boost the construction of technical talents through the leading role of the professional skills competition, so as to supply intellectual and technical support for the company’s sustainable, steady and healthy development.

He emphasized that the company should summarize and inherit the competition experience, deepen the construction of technical talents and promote the spirit of workmanship. The first is to satisfy the company’s development needs and train highly skilled professionals. HLT should focus on the aspects of product quality assurance, labor productivity improvement, application of new technologies and equipment, product mix, sales promotion and cost optimization to cultivate highly skilled professionals needed for development in all fields. The second is to make enterprises-oriented independent innovation to improve employees’ innovation capability. The company should pay attention to investment in S&T and project study on the basis of talent cultivation and incentive system, and make breakthroughs in the aspects of organizational structure and position setting of training professional and skilled professionals, thus to boost its development in independent innovation. The third is to adapt to technological upgrading, to improve knowledge structure of employees. The company should guide “front line workers” in production-technology integration, to continuously strengthen the ability of using advanced production equipment and improve labor productivity; encourage professionals to combine with practice, so as to translate scientific knowledge into real productivity.

This skills competition has lasted for half a year from release to end. During that period, HLT has conducted a series of special training, organizing competitors to participate in the training of Liaoning University and Qingzhou, as well as practical operation at two factories. Through a series of selections, nine competitors have been chosen from the originally recommended 17 ones. These nine competitors, with solid theoretical foundation and skillful operation, have given full play to HLT’s energetic and indomitable spirit in the five-day fierce competition. In the end, Zhang He won the first prize of the Tobacco Primary Processing Group; the second prize of the Hard Box Cigarette Packing Group went to Liu Zhiqi; Zhang Sai obtained the third prize of the Cigarette Making and Tipping Group.

Group photo

At this commendation conference, three technical experts of China Tobacco Industrial Development Center were awarded; six competitors won the title of “HLT Technical Expert”; two competitors, along with two young staff representatives, delivered speeches. They said that motivated by this competition, they will continue to develop their skills to make greater contributions to HLT’s development.

After reorganization, the company has always prioritized the construction of talents in the reform and development, resolved the contradictions and problems restricting the enterprise development by deepening the reform of labor distribution system, and established a talent training and incentive mechanism, thus accelerating talent cultivation and vitalizing the enterprise. It has set up three development paths for talents of management, expertise and skills, as well as the chief mechanic and engineer. HLT has also planned high-level talent channels for professional technical personnel and skilled talents, designed a compensation mechanism that matches all-level posts, and improved the salary level of professional technical personnel and skilled talents.