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The Logistics Center of Hongta Group Holds the Art Performance for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day—“Light the Passion of Logistics Center for the Dream of Hongta Group”

On September 7, the Logistics Center of Hongta Group held the Art Performance for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day themed with “Light the Passion of Logistics Center for the Dream of Hongta Group” at Nie’er Concert Hall, to welcome Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Ge Fuming, Vice President of Hongta Group, and Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of Labor Union attended this evening party. Principals of Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory and functional departments of Hongta Group, as well as employees of Logistics Center and their families, also watched this evening party.

At the evening party, Head of General Party Branch of Logistics Center delivered a speech, in which he, on behalf of the whole center, extended his sincere greetings to the cadres working for the logistics, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to employee’s families. He said that during 60-odd years of entrepreneurship of Hongta Group, the Logistics Center is an “adolescent boy” who has just turned to eight years old. During this period, all the staff kept passionate in their jobs with pragmatism and innovation, worked for logistics throughout the year, and adhered to a down-to-earth and persistent attitude, to vitalize the Group’s reform and development in logistics with a never-faded “original aspiration of Hongta Group”. He hoped that all the staff can inherit the hardworking and daring spirit of Hongta’s predecessors, firm Hongta’s original aspiration of “serving the country through industry and benefiting the public”, take on responsibilities, and be doers to fulfill missions, so as to make sustainable and remarkable brand development, and boost the revitalization of China Tobacco Yunnan.

The evening kicked off in the exciting and effusive Logistics Brilliance, a drum dance that expressed the good expectations of Logistics People on future development. The positive energy of Logistics People was also revealed in The Moon Represents My Heart (saxophone solo), Running and Rock ‘n’ Roll on the New Long March (band performance), as well as Morning Sunlight of Hongta (poem recitation).

Dances—Zen Rhythm, Rainbow Skirt & Feathered Dress, and Eight Belles of Qinhuai; flower arrangement and on-site calligraphy demonstrations; songs—Stay True to Yourself and Be Your Own Hero, all of these programs focused on the Group’s brand concepts such as “Feicui” (Yuxi) and “Hongtashan”, fully reflecting the staff’s versatility and hardworking spirit.

The short sketch—Encounter Our Original Aspiration was a reflection that the logistics staff have continued active exploration and bold innovation in sales, and facilitated market development of new products. Meanwhile, this program has also imperceptibly conveyed the Group’s original aspiration of “serving the country through industry, sticking to quality and benefiting the public” implied in “Yuxi”. Those vivacious children of employees of the center performed the dance—Yuxi’s Merits, a vivid demonstration of Yuxi’s wonderful scenery.

Flag of the Republic sung by the middle-level cadres of the center showed Logistics People’s love of the motherland and the Party, expressed their confidence and determination to keep the pace with the Party, and capped this evening in a satisfactory way.

The Group’s logistics is the embodiment of the staff’s perspiration and wisdom. At the evening party, the Logistics Center presented beautiful flowers as well as their respect to all model workers, and sang a paean that working hard is glorious and beautiful.

Written and directed by the Logistics Center, this evening party has given full expression to the center’s responsibility and accountability of “remaining true to its original aspiration and bearing in mind its mission”, eulogized Hongta Group, and demonstrated the center’s brilliance, thus inspiring Logistics People’s love of the motherland, enterprise and family, and gathering wisdom and strength of China Tobacco Yunnan for progressive development.

The group photo of leaders present with employees