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The Women Workers Committee of Hongta Group Holds a Training Class for Members

To further boost the development of the Group’s management team of women workers, improve their ideological and political quality as well as management and operational capability, and enhance the organizational cohesion and centripetal force, the Training Class for Women Members held by the Women Workers Committee of Hongta Group opened in Sun Yat-Sen University from August 26 to September 1.

There were a total of 50 participants in this training, including directors and full-time (part-time) women administrators of Four Plants in Yunnan, Logistics Center, Raw Material Department, and Women Workers Committee of Labor Union of Hongta Group.

At the opening ceremony, the principal of the Department of Executive Development Programs (EDP) of Sun Yat-Sen Business School extended cordial welcome to all trainees, and introduced the overview of Sun Yat-Sen University. The principal of the Women Workers Committee of Hongta Group delivered a mobilization speech which covered the information and requirements of this training.

For the success of this training, the Women Workers Committee of Labor Union of Hongta Group has made a lot of preparation, and combined with practical work of women workers to make a training plan, and even a detailed training scheme. The contents include Professor Guo Zhidan’s Psychological Wisdom in Happiness and Beauty—Emotion Management of Professional Women, Professor Ge Bin’s Practice Self-Cultivation for a Career and Harmonious Family—Seek the Key to Happiness, Professor Lin Jingxin’s Poems and Dreams—Reading and Cultural Memory of One Generation, Professor Kang Tao’s Health Management—Treasures for Sports & Health, Five-Animal Frolics, and Professor Shi Fengbo’s Refined Management of Modern Women. These courses have provided a variety of all-around experience for women workers in adjustment of self-mental status, emotion management of professional women, women’s professional image and business etiquette, and the way of maintaining health. Trainers also taught healthcare techniques during the training which integrated theoretical study with on-the-spot teaching. They also conduced the teaching at the Former Site of Whampoa Military Academy—an education base for Red Revolution, 1911 Revolution Memorial Museum, and Guangqi Honda.

Through this training, women workers have improved management concept and comprehensive quality, further enriched knowledge, broadened horizons, updated ideas, and obtained profound enlightenment. Thanks to the trainees’ positive thinking and initiative communication, the atmosphere during the training kept lively, indicating the great spirituality of the Group’s women workers.