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Hongta Group Wins the Title of “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise 2018”

Recently, Hongta Group won the title of “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise 2018”, which represents the highest honor for outstanding performances in IP creation, application, protection and management of enterprises in China.

Hongta Group was awarded “Yunnan Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise” by Intellectual Property Office of Yunnan Province in 2016. Seizing this chance, the Group’s Intellectual Property Management Department, under the guidance of provincial and municipal intellectual property offices, agglomerates mental efforts and works together to thoroughly implement the IP strategy. It also focuses on the establishment and improvement of the enterprise’s rules and regulations on IP management, strengthens independent IP management, intensifies IP training, and carries out a lot of work in forming scientific IP management.

Through two-year efforts, Hongta Group has made remarkable progress in both quantity and quality of IP creation, as well as IP application and protection. Its capabilities of IP management and services have improved steadily, along with a good growth momentum of the IP-related work.

Winning the title of “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise” is a reflection of Hongta Group’s significant growth in IP creation, management, application and protection. The Group has also further boosted enterprise innovation, increased its IP strength, and promoted its core competitiveness and international competitiveness, playing a fundamental, guaranteeing and strategic role in reinforcing its dominance of technological innovation and enhancing its innovation capability.