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The Party Committee of Hongta Group Organizes to Learn the Spirit of the Symposium on Principals of Subordinate Units in Tobacco Industry

On August 28, the Party Committee of Hongta Group convened the Study (Enlarged) Conference of Theory Study Center, to learn the spirit of the Symposium on Principals of Subordinate Units in Tobacco Industry 2018, and arranged related implementation. It was presided by Wang Yong, Vice-General Manager and Party Member of China Tobacco Yunnan, Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of Hongta Group. Cao Hang, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hongta Group, Ge Fuming, Yang Yuwen, and Zhu Xuecheng, Vice Presidents of Hongta Group, and Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of Labor Union participated in the Symposium, along with the principals of functional departments and Yunnan Yuxi Cigarette Factory.


Wang Yong conveyed and learned the keynote speech and summary speech delivered by Zhang Jianmin, Director General of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, and arranged the implementation of learning the spirit of the speech from other leaders of STMA.

As Wang Yong said, Director General Zhang Jianmin, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, made a far-sighted keynote speech and summary speech with the distinct theme and abundant connotation. In these speeches, he comprehensively summarized successful experience and practices in the industry over the years, deeply analyzed the current and future issues and challenges faced by the industry, made an in-depth planning for strategies and approaches of realizing high-quality development, and arranged the key work in the second half of this year. His speeches, therefore, have played a significant guiding role in carrying out the work in the second half, accomplishing annual targets and tasks, and facilitating the high-quality development of the industry.

Centered on the following work, Wang Yong put forward three requirements. The first is to adhere to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, to guide practice and promote related work; learn and implement the spirit of this Symposium, and unify thoughts and action with the targets and work arrangement determined by the Leading Party Groups of both STMA and China Tobacco Yunnan, thus to learn, convey and understand the spirit in a real way. In addition, all-level Party cadres should reinforce learning, improve political stance, and cultivate their Party spirit, to create a clean and upright atmosphere beneficial to entrepreneurship. The second is to take the initiative to bear a responsibility. Since this year, China Tobacco Yunnan and Hongta Group have both made significant progress. However, it must be clearly realized that the situation remains grim and complex. As a result, the Group has to firmly establish the market-centered thought, to vigorously support the reform of marketing system and mechanism, and serve the Marketing Center and Technology Center in a practical way. The Group should also focus on the service for brand marketing and brand development, and further carry out the work such as sale-promotion and brand promotion, so as to boost its steady and healthy development, and support the brand revival of “Made-in-Yunnan” cigarettes. The third is to carry out work in a practical and real way. Guided by the spirit of the speech delivered by Director General Zhang Jianmin, the Group should improve working ideas, optimize working measures, focus on the implementation, and effectively carry out various work in production organization, raw material guarantee, quality control, freight management, and safety production, thus to ensure the accomplishment of annual targets and tasks of departments.

At the Symposium, participants conducted exchanges on learning the spirit of the Symposium, the way of implementing the following work, and making contributions to the promotion of high-quality development of the industry.