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Hongta Times Won the Title of “Top Ten Enterprises News in Yunnan Province” and Shanshui Won the Title of “Excellent Enterprise Journal in Yunnan Province”

From August 22nd to 24th, the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Yunnan Enterprise Journalists Association & the Commendation Meeting of Excellent Enterprise Media and Excellent Enterprise Journalists was held at the Fuxian Lake. Hongta Times and Shanshui stood out in more than 40 enterprise newspapers and enterprise journals, and were awarded respectively the title of “Top Ten Enterprises News in Yunnan Province” and “Excellent Enterprise Journal in Yunnan Province”. 9 people such as Yang Qicheng were awarded the title of Excellent Enterprise Journalist in Yunnan Province.

Commendation Meeting Venue

The meeting discussed how to expand the corporate media to the employees’ mobile phones, and commended the 2017-2018 Excellent Enterprise Media and Excellent Enterprise Journalists. More than 80 people from nearly 40 member units of the Yunnan province attended the meeting. Hongta Group participated in the meeting and exchanged experiences as a member unit.

Meeting Rostrum

The Hongta Group made a speech on the theme of “Expanding the Media on the Mobile Phone in New Media Age”: the first is to focus on content: content, interest and insight are the top priorities; the second is to develop innovative forms: mobilizing multiple senses to enhance reading experience; the third is to broaden the channel: taking full advantage of the promotion model of CPP (COST PER PERSON) of Circle of Friends; the fourth is the complementation of new and traditional media: the combination and mutual inclusion of New media and traditional media.

The Leaders Awarded the Certificates to the Award-Winning Units and Individuals

The participants of Hongta Group made full use of the opportunity of this annual meeting to display the product advertisements of “Yuxi (Feicui), “Yuxi (Huaye)”, “Yuxi (Chuxin)”, “Hongtashan (New Era)” and “Hongtashan (Hard Box Version of Legend)”, give out Evaluation Cigarettes, and broadcast short videos about corporate image and brand image of Hongta. Through this exchange meeting, Hongta Group’s practice and experience in effectively spreading corporate image and brand image in new media was praised by the participating colleagues, and the participants had further recognizing and understanding of the concept and culture of Hongta brand. The goal of promoting and advertising Hongta brand is achieved.

Photograph of Award-Winning Units and Individuals