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The First 2018 Yunnan International Mountain Hiking Conference & Hongta Happy Fitness Walking Event Came to a Successful Conclusion

On August 18th, the 2018 Fitness Walking Event of Colorful Yunnan Nationwide Fitness Games & the first Hongta Happy Fitness Walking Activity of Yunnan International Mountain Hiking Event was held in Hongta Sports Center. About 3,000 hiking enthusiasts gathered together at the beautiful Dianchi Lake. After more than three hours, the participants completed a 12-kilometer hiking trip.

Lively Scene of Hongta HappyFitness Walking Activity


The event was jointly sponsored by the Yunnan Province Sports Bureau, the Yunnan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, and the Hongta Group. The event was linked to 16 cities in the province, consisting of offline hiking event and an online Hongta Happy Walking Activity. The Hongta Happy Fitness Walking Activity combines the mass fitness with the sports spirit, allowing the public to feel the power of walking and actively promoting the lifestyle of nationwide physical fitness campaign and fitness walking. In 2018, it coincided with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Hongta brand, which is known as the “Flag of Chinese National Industry”. The vitality, sports and passion of the “Hongtashan” brand were fully demonstrated through the Hongta Happy Fitness Walking activity which enabled everyone to enjoy the fun of hiking and feel the spirit of “Always beyond Ourselves” advocated by the Hongta brand all the way.

On the day of the event, the contestants came to the stadium at 8:00 in the morning, and conducted a unified warm-up exercise under the guidance of professional coaches. At 8:50, Zhu Xiongwei, member of the CPC and Chairman of the Labor Union of Hongta Group, delivered a speech and announced the official launch of the event.

Zhu Xiongwei, Chairman of the Labor Union, Announced the Official Launch of the Event

At nine o’clock, the contestants wore the number cloth and arranged their equipment before standing at the starting line. After the signal from the starter, 3,000 hiking contestants set foot on the race. The contestants departed from the Hongta Sports Center and passed through Haigeng Park, Hubin Road and Panlongjiang Bridge to the designated location and then returned. The whole course is about 12 kilometers.

Be Your Own Hero


In order to increase the participation sense and fun of the contestants, interactive areas had been set up along the track such as “Exploration of the Classic Source” scene, “Standing at the Peak of the Times” scene, “Be Your Hero” 3D thrilling scene, etc. The “Exploration of the Classic Source” scene introduced the advantaged and unique quality of Yuxi tobacco. The “Standing at the Peak of the Times” scene allowed the contestants to feel the hard-working, perseverant and self-transcendence spirit of “Always beyond Ourselves” advocated by the Hongta brand. The “Be Your Hero” scene encouraged the public to pursue for their dreams and be their own hero!

At 12:30, after all the contestants reached the end and, the event was successfully completed.

Beyond Ourselves


After the event, a large number of contestants had been attracted to the Yunnan Cigarette Culture Exhibition Hall and the Interactive Appreciation Area to taste the Hongta cigarettes and feel the Hongta culture. It is reported that on August 18th, a total of 363 strips of Hongta cigarettes, including 200 strips of “Hongtashan (New Era)” and 95 strips of “Yuxi (Chuxin)”, were sold at the Culture Exhibition Hall.

Like the sky contouring the sea on the joint, the man standing atop marks the pinnacle point. The success of the Hongta Happy Fitness Walking Activity enables the majority of hiking enthusiasts to fully appreciate the spirit of the “Always beyond Ourselves” of the Hongta brand. The Hongta Happy Fitness Walking Activity encourages the public to challenge themselves, make breakthroughs, bravely move forward, and work hard in this new era full of dreams to create new legends!

The Old and Young all Participated in the Event