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Hongta Group Convenes the 2018 On-Site Meeting for Raw Material Work

On August 13, Hongta Group held the 2018 On-Site Meeting for Raw Material Work in Chengjiang County, summarizing and reviewing the raw material work of the last year, notifying the progress of main work in 2018, assigning next-stage major tasks of raw material work, and publicizing and implementing relevant requirements of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Tobacco Yunnan).

Scene of the meeting

Nearly one hundred people attended this meeting, including Yang Yuwen, Vice President of Hongta Group, He Bin, Vice Mayor of Yuxi City, as well as leaders and related personnel of relevant departments, such as the Technology Center of China Tobacco Yunnan, and the Technology Center, Four Plants in Yunnan, Raw Material Department, Logistics Center and Financial Department of Hongta Group.

On the early morning of August 13, participants visited Yousuo Exhibition Area of Tobacco Large-Scale Planting, Zuosuo Observation Area of Tobacco Standardization Production, Guanglong Field Technology Demonstration Park, and Guanglong Curing Workshop with “Picking-Curing-Classifying Integration”, inspected the 10,000-mu ecological tobacco production in the runoff area of Fuxian Lake, as well as the new energy flue-curing barn. Relevant leaders and experts of tobacco companies in Yuxi also introduced the construction of the high-quality tobacco producing field with Yuxi’s industrial and commercial cooperation. At Yuxi Chengjiang Manor, participants inspected, smoked and evaluated six-variety samples of flue-cured tobacco in 2018 in Yuxi, Chuxiong, Dali and Zhaotong.

On-site inspection

On the afternoon of August 13, this meeting was held at the conference room of Yuxi Chengjiang Manor. The responsible person of Raw Material Department of Hongta Group delivered a report on raw material work entitled Improve the New Stance and Undertake the New Mission to Re-Improve the Supply Quality of High-Quality Raw Materials, systematically summarizing the achievements made last year, pointing out the future direction, and defining the next-stage ideas and key tasks of raw material work. He also required raw material staff to focus on strengthening the brand’s development capacity, devote themselves to finding new ways and making new results, and being loyal to the settled enterprise and the career they have chosen, so as to promote the effective implementation of all tasks, enhance their sense of responsibility, and strive for new achievements and progress.

Leaders of the four plants in Yuxi, Chuxiong, Dali and Zhaotong, combined with related raw material work, made reports and conducted exchanges. Relevant departments also made presentations, including the Technology Center of China Tobacco Yunnan, and the Technology Center, Logistics Center and Financial Department of Hongta Group, and offered their suggestions.

In the summary speech, Yang Yuwen, Vice President of Hongta Group, notified the economic performance of the industry, China Tobacco Yunnan, and Hongta Group in the first half of this year, and also analyzed the group’s challenges and shortcomings in raw material work. He pointed out that it is a long-term and systematic work to guarantee raw materials. All business modules should be connected with each other. Staff should be earnest and tough in each stage and level, to comply with and serve the plan of reinvigorating the brand, achieve a more solid base, more accurate procurement, more balanced application, and more active adjustment, and facilitate the development of the supporting capacity of strategic resources. He required that raw material staff should consciously combine top-down design with operation to make great results, and integrate vigorousness with perseverance, as well as rigid codes with the flexible encouragement mechanism. Adhering to “Hongta’s Rise and Fall—My Responsibility”, they should take action to boost the strategic resource guarantee, and advance the expansion of Hongta’s revival, as well as re-extension of the brand’s revitalization.

Yang Yuwen (third from right), Vice President of Hongta Group, is listening the staff’s introduction of tobacco leaves.